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    Does anyone like the new forum look?

    I'm gonna zombie post the shit out of this thread. Anyone else remember when this site changed its appearance? Or am I just that fucking old?
  2. Trance

    The epic hobby/ job that you do, that is not stereotypical for a Furry

    I work in Tampa Bay as a sailing instructor for my Summer job. It's fun and I get a tan and some money, so it's kind of perfect.
  3. Trance

    What is your favorite smell first thing in the morning?

    I like that crisp, outdoors smell that you get from opening the windows during Autumn. And coffee.
  4. Trance

    What is with all of this "My little pony" stuff? (The unofficial official MLP Thread)

    Re: What is with all of this "My little pony" stuff? My view on MLP is that it's pretty freaking creepy strange that grown men and women are into it.
  5. Trance

    Are you multilingual?

    If you count being able to hold a conversation in french that's at about the level of a 4 year old child, then yes, I'm multilingual. Otherwise, noooooo... Français est très difficile pour moi. :c
  6. Trance


    That would solve the "hurting people who love me" issue... make everyone hate you first? :V
  7. Trance

    What is your current living situation?

    That's the dumbest thing I've heard in a while.
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    I thought about it once, but I decided I didn't want to hurt the people who love me. :c And I realized that things always get better in the end. At least that's how it works for me. Just when I think I've fucked something up beyond repair, I find a way to fix it...
  9. Trance

    AMERICANS: Are you competent with the metric system?

    Metric is easy as hell. I wish America would convert to it already. Apparently they tried once during the '80's, but it failed. Powers of ten are so much easier than... ...however the imperial system works... I don't even... There's no pattern to it. >:| 1 foot = 12 inches 1 yard =...
  10. Trance

    "Corto is fat!": The losing weight thread.

    I'll do this I guess. HEIGHT: 5'11" CURRENT WEIGHT: 155 lbs GOAL: 148 lbs SECONDARY GOAL: Since I just want to lose a little bit of fat for cross country, getting more defined muscles (abs mainly) is my secondary goal. TERTIARY GOAL: Get more pronounced veins. It's a stupid goal, but I like...
  11. Trance


    I drive an Estoril Blue 1999 BMW. It's a beautiful car, and with the aftermarket bits, stupid fast. Koni shocks, Dinan antiroll bar, Tubi exhaust, T67 turbo, Tial 44mm v-band wastegate, twin HKS blowoff valves... I could go on. Anyway, it was dyno'd at 658 hp. My father owned it for 9 years...
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    double post. :[
  13. Trance

    How to attain furry stardom?

    But I do want to be king of the nerds. :U
  14. Trance

    Things you've wanted to learn

    I want to learn to do a backflip before June 15.