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  • what was optimus's original name?
    A) Optimus Primal
    B) Orion Pax
    C) Optimus Minor
    D) Leader 1
    E) A-3
    correct! who became a prime in the 1987 movie and continued that way till "the return of optimus prime"?
    A) Hotrod
    B) Spike
    C) Grimlock
    D) Starscream
    E) Daniel
    TF trivia, the matrix is just a containment unit, what does it contain is it............

    A) the knowledge of past primes (like the ninjanomicon from randy Cunningham 9th grade ninja)
    B) pure light
    C) darkness
    Damn. Dude you get hungry haha. Nice. But I noticed something that was not at the top of your list. And this is quite surprising seeing how it is just awesomely amazingly tasty. I saw this disturbing circumstance unfolding in front of me that I figured I'd have to bring it to your attention. What you are about to read might be too unbelievable for mass population to know his happened so I well just keep this between us.

    Why was there no gator tail on that list?
    Well I'm sure someone has tried him ,':)

    But other than that, you know how when you talk about a good you usually get hungry for that particular good, well guess what. I'm actually not hungry for waffles, or falaffle. It's incredible, I know.
    Naw dude, ceder is so much better. As for syrup, yea maple sounds good. Were the hell is Falaffle, he sounds good now haha
    Just noticed your in canada. So your laws regarding what is and what is not and what can be street legal might be different.

    But it seems like your doing the same as me enyways haha.
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