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    Changes to favorite pages' URL

    Doh! Had forgotten about the rating restrictions DX You are right, didn't consider that parsing. Played around a bit with my local fa database and populating the faves list at every page requests does take a LOT more time if any kind of content restriction is in place, my fault for not thinking...
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    Changes to favorite pages' URL

    Exactly as @Stratelier said. This system may be easier on the servers (though tbh that could only be the case with a badly designed database) but it's a nightmare to users. Favorites are broken now as they lost all functionality. Imagine a pile of items if you will, before this system came into...
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    Favorites pages broken

    Let's move the discussion over here where @Dragoneer is present forums.furaffinity.net: Changes to favorite pages' URL
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    Favorites pages broken

    It doesn't have to parse anything. For example you want to go to page 123 and you have 24 subs per page. Now hopefully the fa server uses a list to save users' faves so all you need to do to load page 123 is load items from index 122*24 through 123*24. Generalized with P as the page and N as the...
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    Furaffinity Journal Alert [Telegram/E-Mail]

    Thanks! And thanks for the star on the project ^^ Ah damn, I know nothing of PHP DX For python there is this wonderful module github.com: Anorov/cloudflare-scrape , it works every time. It uses nodejs to simulate a real browser so that cloudflare will let it through.
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    Furaffinity Journal Alert [Telegram/E-Mail]

    This is really nice! I've been working on a similar thing, though my program downloads a user's gallery/scraps/favs in a database and doesn't update automatically. Could you share the code you used for your bot? I've been using the cfscrape python module to work around cloudflare's block. You...
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    Favorites pages broken

    Why have favorites pages changed? Up until yesterday the pages were sequential, 1 for the latest favorites added and then 2, 3, 4, ... and so on. It was a good system as it allowed users to go back to a spcific pint of their faves and also to find the last page with a simple binary search (i.e...
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    Is there a way to change the URL so that it sorts by date by default?

    You can't use more than one of those. If you do they'll all be ignored except for the search terms.
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    Beta search on mobile only works if...

    Same here. Using Firefox Nightly (v58) on Android 7.1.2
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    How to browse/search art effectively

    You can use a few special "tags" and regex syntax to limit the search: @keywords [keywords] will search for keywords only @lower [username] will search for submissions posted by a specific user @title [title] will search for a title @message [search terms] will search in the description...
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    FA download tool

    Hello all, I've written an automated download tool in shell language, specifically using ZShell as it has some extra functions that really help and made for Linux (Mac too I guess since you can get zsh onto them). The tool works perfectly as I've tested it on a small scale with my gallery and...