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  1. TreacleFox

    Spanking artwork involving underage characters

    I don't see why spanking would be less moral or 'worse' then other "x artwork involving underage characters".
  2. TreacleFox

    So on the topic of fetishes..

  3. TreacleFox

    "Furries" apparently are created by the NSA

    Are they going to weaponize furries?
  4. TreacleFox

    Would you date/marry an anthro?

    Only for the honeymoon. :3
  5. TreacleFox

    Why all the hate on yiff?

    But I love yiff. ;^;
  6. TreacleFox

    Website creating fursuit porn videos

    http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12719689/ Oh good lord, did they actually do this?
  7. TreacleFox

    Grrr url code Text = Link HELP PLEASE

    I'm not sure if the main site supports that aspect of bbcode.
  8. TreacleFox

    Your Emoticon Habits

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  9. TreacleFox

    Any furries on EVE Online?

    I often play Eve. Getting into level 4 missions at the moment. C= My in-game name is Treacle Fox
  10. TreacleFox

    Do you even screenshot

    Frozen corpse isn't having a nice day.
  11. TreacleFox

    foxes and vixens

    Yes you are weird. <3~
  12. TreacleFox

    Do you think your fursona is rare?

    I might have the only fursona with fur colour exactly #DC5116. =v
  13. TreacleFox

    What people think furry means.

    mmm, trying to turn this into a 'coming out' topic. fun. =]