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  • I've only relatively recently begun to show off and embrace my furriness, and am now diving all the way in!

    I'm a fan of pretty much all aspects of the fandom, and would love to meet others who share that passion! Think you can handle a nearsighted blue member of the Sciuridae family? Prove it!

    I'm looking to meet new Furry Friends primarily in NE Calgary, mostly for ease and convenience, but anywhere else is definitely acceptable as well!

    Would be most interested in spending time with other critters who enjoy such pursuits as lunches, board games, vintage video games, furry art, and furry stories.

    As well, like many of you, I spend perhaps a bit too much time browsing FURAFFINITY, and have laid eyes upon many new and fascinating concepts that I would love to experiment with, test out, and try, which is always more fun with a buddy or 2!

    Particular subjects of interest include ball gags, bath, being stuck, being undressed, bitchsuits, bondage, chubby, dadbods, embarrassment, farm, forced stripping, gay NSFW sex, glue, humiliation, latex, locker room, milking, male nudity, male orgasm, pet play, pup play, rubber, shaving, shower, skinny dipping, strip poker, suspension, through walls, transformation, and underpants of various varieties!

  • To some degree, I also enjoy babyfur, butt plugs, chastity, cock cages, collars, cuddling, diaperfur, dildos, fat, force feeding, gags, gainer, growth, hyper, hypnosis, inflation, lab, leashes, mind control, muscle, onesies, pajamas, pony play, sleepers, snare traps, snuggling, spanking, sumo, tentacles, tickling, toys, underwater, vibrators, and a bit of soft vore.

  • As you can tell, I'm pretty much open to any new experience, and am eagerly anticipating experimenting with new things, and hopefully new critters!

    Looking foremost for friends, but am open to welcoming buddies and even a possible love interest if the right person intrigues me!

    As stated, would be happy with just making friends to start, and seeing if it goes anywhere! Perhaps some fun will come?

    Questions? I'm here every day, you may proceed!
Mar 24, 1988 (Age: 33)
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