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    'ello. I see you also live in Mississippi. Nice to meet you neighbor o:
    Hey, mate. You poking in, here from time to time now? (I'm Falaffel if you don't remember)
    Aye, well, enjoy? Now wasn't the best time to come :u
    FAF is way better than Phoenix. But sadly the birdy rarely posts here anymore. :'c
    It's baffling that you think this way, but I will not take your opinion away from you.
    Thanks! =^w^=

    I've been really stressed lately with all the school stuff, so I needed something to de-stress with when I don't have friends available. :)

    ...yeah, FAF was a horrible choice for de-stressing, eh? I dunno what all has changed, but I'm almost certain the Drama Llama still rules supreme. XD
    *boop* Hi thar bubblechili.


    Didn't have anything to talk about actually. Just wanted to say hi, I'm back of FAF. :p
    Thanks. Yeah that game is pretty tight. A bit rough around the edges, but I like it.
    Aw thank you! It's an older sketch I did a few months back for fun.
    I do have an attempted colored version, but I feel like I only made it worse. I love sketching but I'm no good at all at colouring xD
    Lol thanks!
    The avvie was actually done by teaparties & the profile pic was done by glameow, you should definitely watch them both~ ^^
    "If that anti-furry dude does me I want him to know that at least I'm not a 14 year old mecha pilot destined to save the world."

    Oh I know, he sent me a buncha notes and shit. I really don't care, like at all. Actually I kinda like it since it's pretty fuckin' funny. Mostly because he tries progressively harder every time I brush him off and it's pretty amazing. Oh well that's what you get when you try fuck with someone who used to the same shit you did but whatever, better me than others since at least I won't give him the reaction he's desperately trying to get.
    Its K :V
    TBH as sad as it was they all went out like fucking champs at least, well aside from you know at the end :/
    Really wanted Yoko to settle down with Kitaan though :{
    Thanks! I've been listening to a lot of Battle Network music lately. [noparse]:)[/noparse]
    In my vernacular 'hazing' is a more extreme word. In either case, I hope whatever hazing you come across, if any, is fun stuff.
    In some countries new university students are expected to drink large volumes of alcohol, or perform an unpleasant task in order to be initiated into the student body's social circle.
    Exactly what they constitute is extremely variable. Some are good fun, others are not.

    For example, new students in my year were asked to stand on a chair, wear a silly hat, state their name and drink a small volume of alcohol.
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