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  • Oh I know, he sent me a buncha notes and shit. I really don't care, like at all. Actually I kinda like it since it's pretty fuckin' funny. Mostly because he tries progressively harder every time I brush him off and it's pretty amazing. Oh well that's what you get when you try fuck with someone who used to the same shit you did but whatever, better me than others since at least I won't give him the reaction he's desperately trying to get.
    Its K :V
    TBH as sad as it was they all went out like fucking champs at least, well aside from you know at the end :/
    Really wanted Yoko to settle down with Kitaan though :{
    Thanks! I've been listening to a lot of Battle Network music lately. [noparse]:)[/noparse]
    In my vernacular 'hazing' is a more extreme word. In either case, I hope whatever hazing you come across, if any, is fun stuff.
    In some countries new university students are expected to drink large volumes of alcohol, or perform an unpleasant task in order to be initiated into the student body's social circle.
    Exactly what they constitute is extremely variable. Some are good fun, others are not.

    For example, new students in my year were asked to stand on a chair, wear a silly hat, state their name and drink a small volume of alcohol.
    Re: What Do You Hope...

    You realize - and I'm just guessing here - that if you form the Company, you'll probably end up in charge of it...? Lots...of...paperwork...
    Of course not. They only way these fucks are getting rid of me is if they perm ban me. And even then I'll probably still come back.
    "But couldn't the objects be created or formed with the atoms already somewhat stable?"
    I'm not sure what this means.
    if you mean to ask whether lead 206 is present in specific ratios according to depth or otherwise indicated age of a Uranium containing rock the answer is no, which is why the clocks are useful and indicate age. If they didn't, they would bare no correlation with the geological record. [to my knowledge lead 206 also exists exclusively as a product of fissile decay]
    Uranium235 perhaps isn't abundant enough today to sustain the mechanism.
    Uranium235 has a shorter half life than 238, so it's depleted quicker.

    I know that's an oversimplified view, but I guess it's the bottom line. It makes you wonder what else is out there.
    Whose that guy angry with you? lol, Hey, just dropping you a message. You need a proper visit from someone that isn't put off by someone else being different. So, what's up? Let me know if you need something and want to chat.
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