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  • Well hopefully everything turns out well for you either way. Ricky says youre one hell of a person to hang out with so yeah. Maybe we can catch you there! :3
    Awesome! I'm actually not very big on kigurumi's, they just seem so cheap when you compare them to cosplayers and fursuiters walking around at a convention xD but I did always want to have one just to wear at home like all the time xD So yes I do think they're awesome, just not as awesome as cosplays and fursuits.
    Talking about glitchy frogs, they do in fact have a glaring glitch. This may be speciifc to a particular species though: They will only eat mealworms if they are moving horizontally. In fact they will try to eat anything that moves like a mealworm.

    If you were to surround them with dead mealworms to eat they would starve to death.
    'If only his chaps had an ass this terrible accident would never have resulted in loss of human life,'.

    I thought you might enjoy that!

    I like the bit about sloths being deadly predators, if only the world would "slow way the fuck down."

    There's also another one about angler fish ("True Facts About the Angler Fish") that I think is even funnier.

    I don't think you said "Hi" yet in my intro, but this counts! Thanks for the welcome.
    No I hadn't seen that sloth-related thing yet. It was awesome. "They don't do shit and they haven't gone extinct."
    Also welcome to FAF. I'm not sure I said hi to you in your intro.
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