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    Create a Dragon $30+

    Yooo I love drawing big soft muscles, especially arms! And I love designing characters. I'd love to help! Rates: Sketch: $10 Lined: $20 Color: $35 Shaded/Painted: $50 Additional bodies/poses: +10 Bust (abdomen to head): -$10 Examples: Full Gallery nsfw: here, here, here
  2. TropicalDonkey

    Looking for an artist ($60 limit)

    Yooo I love doing ref pages and drawing different characters. I can do a front/back with color and extra bits for $40-$50 depending on the complications of the design. examples: here, (nsfw for a dingle) and my whole gallery is here. PM me on here or FA or skype at genderfloid
  3. TropicalDonkey

    Scarlet's Commission Bounties [$40-100+]

    I'm open to whatever you like, but I'd have no problem doing a reference for Crealis, or designing a gf for aroma! I love character design. Here is an example of a reference page (character is available to buy) nsfw shaded example my gallery Prices: Sketch: $10 Lined: $20 Color: $35...
  4. TropicalDonkey

    Looking for an artist who likes to draw Chub!

    Howdy! I prefer to draw chub and love drawing nsfw! My prices are: Sketch: $10 Lined: $20 Color: $35 Shaded/Painted: $50 (but I'm totally willing to haggle ;) ) My Gallery NSFW Examples: here, here tiny sfw thumbnails of chubs: I can go as fat as you'd like, too. :)
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    Why do people hate being thanked for faves and watches?

    I typically thank other artists for watching me, particularly ones I see have even better art than I do, as that's an immense compliment to me. That, and I typically write them a message about how much I like their art as well as a thank-you. Otherwise it just seems hollow and pointless.
  6. TropicalDonkey

    5/17 Site Attack

    On the subject of losing business during the shutdown, may I ask how many people actually frequent the art part of the forums when looking for art? Because I've noticed anyone putting up ads for their art for the most part gets no replies or views.
  7. TropicalDonkey

    5/17 Site Attack

    I read through all of it, man. No ETA.
  8. TropicalDonkey

    5/17 Site Attack

    OP is currently working on trying to get everything fixed! Be patient, man.
  9. TropicalDonkey

    5/17 Site Attack

    Your files from before 6-7 days should be fine, according to the information provided. Heck, I think I read they're going to be able to restore anything from up to may 15th. Your ref should be just fine. Also this is garbage, you guys. If anyone wants to chat with me send me some PM's on here...