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    I'm unhygenic and musky

    Well this thread went into No no territory fast. Closed and word of advice. FAF isn't the place to talk about your sexual habits OP.
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    Let's talk us.

    Make that three. :3 But only to chill with the feesh people because feesh. OP, no matter what you do every place on the internet is going to have people who like it, and those that do not. In an effort to please one group, you by default will displease another. That said, I personally see no...
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    Does it bother you when furries dislike you?

    It sounds like you need the acceptance of others in order to be happy with yourself. You need to learn to stop that, it's a damaging way to go. You need to love yourself first. Then realize that even a saint can have enemies, and even a villain can have friends. So in the grand scheme of things...
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    What performance art is "ok" at Anthrocon? And do they play any slow songs there?

    Sexual harassment is not funny. Going up to someone and asking sexually explicit or making sexually based inappropriate comments is not funny. I don't care how you frame it. You want to crack a few jokes with dark humor around friends, that's one thing. That's fine. Seeking out random strangers...
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    What performance art is "ok" at Anthrocon? And do they play any slow songs there?

    As a big promoter of suiting, I don't think either is appropriate, and yes I've been to AC, and staffed at it. You ask someone "Hey would you like to be my little pony"....and maybe some people will laugh. Also some people will get extremely uncomfortable, or end upset because it seriously...
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    What performance art is "ok" at Anthrocon? And do they play any slow songs there?

    So are you trying to go that route of passing off inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment as something other than what it is? Seems like to me, that's where you are going with this. That's not a good road to go down. I actually remember someone showing up at AC one year doing something...
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    Girls at conventions.

    Well it's a shorter way to put it then a long tl;dr of what I have experienced. If people are being that aggressive it may be a good idea to report that to con ops(I don't know if you did or not). Give them a name, or a description, or a badge name. I feel like a lot of this ends up continuing...
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    Dalmatian Ears and Tail Set Commission (Hiring)

    Just so you know your link to is not showing up once clicked, I'm not sure if it's just like that on my end.
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    Concealed carry in fursuit?

    Ahem the problem with your statement is that it is different. I've been in theatre. I've been into costuming making and wearing for a while now. I've seen and handled a lot of different fursuits in my line of things. A lot of your traditional costumes on the stage are no where near the level of...
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    Girls at conventions.

    It doesn't matter if you are male or female. When you go to cons it attracts good folk, and bad folk, and the bad folk tend to over-step their boundaries. I've been to cons several times, staffed at several, and have not had any experiences as a female that would push me to not want to go. Have...
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    Drinking & Drugs @ Anthrocon???

    Personally I don't drink ever, so of course I don't drink at cons. I don't suggest to people to not knock back a few drinks to loosen up if that's their kind of thing. However I strongly advise that you not over-do it. Getting shit-faced drunk at a con can end really badly. I still remember one...
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    I *DID* read the rules

    That's not the problem. The problem on top of needing more ticket admins. For things to be done properly however, it takes time. No one is really going back and "Correcting mistakes of others". They are taking their time when necessary to avoid mistakes to begin with. Mistakes can happen but the...
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    Concealed carry in fursuit?

    I'm not sure what you mean by this. I never said there was anything wrong with "Thinking it is silly". Thinking it is silly is no an excuse to act out of turn. You all are free to communicate out all you want how silly this idea is. Don't get the idea you can shit post this thread into closing...
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    Concealed carry in fursuit?

    It doesn't matter if you think the question is silly. You don't know that the OP has bailed. They could have something else they are doing right now, such as work, or school or who knows. I'm more inclined to "handle" people who enter this area and don't know how to behave in threads over...
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    Concealed carry in fursuit?

    One of the things you always need to consider when you are choosing to carry a gun concealed or not, is the practical nature of the situation. "Can I actually expect to pull this out and use it if a situation seriously called for it?", and "Is this going to be a practical situation?" The...