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  1. TryptheWolf

    Anyone else on here makes music?

    I play guitar, looking to collab or make a band www.reverbnation.com: Dan Burge (a.k.a. Tryp the Wolfyote) | Alternative from Palm Coast, FL
  2. TryptheWolf

    Musicians: Post your latest song submission!

    This is a older one i did, but still bad ass nontheless www.reverbnation.com: Jam with Beer | Dan Burge (a.k.a. Tryp the Wolfyote)
  3. TryptheWolf

    Hello out there, care to lend a ear to hear?

    Hello out there, care to lend a ear to hear?
  4. TryptheWolf

    for anyone who loves alternative rock blues and grunge and would like to collab

    hello there fellow furs, i know im going for a long shot seeing if i could get more views or collabs with my music, i post at least one song a day now, i would like to get a soulful singer, a badass bassist, and someone who plays drum or can do them well with the electronic mixing stuffs, and...
  5. TryptheWolf

    looking for grunge furs to collab with

    im trying to make alil project called either sundown or mountain, its pretty much grunge with alil more classic rock infusion, i personally sing and play a good rhythm/melody/lead guitar, but i dont mind for any collaboration with anybody, im personally not to particular on style considering i...