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    (Commission) Selling: Commissions are open! Taking icons, waist ups, and full bodies! Can do hypno!

    Hey, I have a pair of medical bills that need to be paid off that total up to $704, and I need work! My commission examples and prices are here: tuxedodemon.carrd.co. I'm not open for backgrounds currently. Please email ray@tuxedodemon.com to claim a spot. Include your character references, a...
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    Can you help me judge the drawings?

    Oh these are absolutely lovely, you have a great style!! I can't really help much with your questions, but I love your use of color and shapes!
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    I hope so, ahah. I'm pretty lonely, ngl, it'd be nice to actually make some friends.
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    Hello! And thank you!
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    myy handmade needle felt dolls

    Oh that's adorable!! Fantastic job!
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    Show me your art!

    Here's some of the stuff I'm most proud of, I guess. They're all commissions, except for the one with the heads.
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    Is Your Fursona a Character?

    Both of my fursonas are more avatars than they are characters. I don't see a reason to go deeper than that with them. I have other characters and a webcomic if I want to do character building/story writing/world building/etc.
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    A new person, again.

    Hi, welcome! I'm new too lol
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    I've never been here before today lmao but I'm glad it's here! Everyone seems really nice!
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    Hi! This is my first time in the forums! Frankly, I've heard.... not so great things about this place in the past (drama mostly) lmao BUT I'm willing to give this place a chance for myself. I'm a (mostly) SFW digital artist who dabbles in traditional media here and there. I'm trying to learn...