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    Multiple Banners

    People already upload a ton of images. The amount of added strain would really be trivial. Think about 5 MB remixes of songs, then try to tell me that far-less-common 50 KB banners would add a considerable amount of strain ;p
  2. Twile

    The Double Tree for AC08

    On that note, 'neer, which hotel are you staying in? ;p
  3. Twile

    Sorting New Submissions

    Would it be too much to ask to have the options to sort by artist name or submission name? Personally, when I browse, I try to group by artists so I can have an easier time saving the files to my computer. It'd be a huge time savings for me personally to be able to sort by artist. In a...
  4. Twile

    Fur Affinity and Ads

    Ooooh. No Google ads please. I often rant about things, Google ads pick up on the repeated words and figure "Hey! He's talking about this, he might want to buy it!" even though the common words are preceding by phrases like "want to kill anyone who owns a" and "wish to firebomb the twat who...
  5. Twile

    FA died D:

    Christ, guys. Play the Crysis demo or something. Browse Wikipedia. Take a break from FA for a few minutes or hours :p
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    Thumbnails, Thumbnails, Thumbnails...

    What I've come to realize is that if you upload a thumbnail that is 120x120 or smaller when you upload the picture, it keeps it. If you try to upload a thumbnail later, it always converts it to a JPEG which is ~5 KB in size. Grumble. This means my old images can have boring thumbnails, or...
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    Thumbnails, Thumbnails, Thumbnails...

    My issue: Thumbnails currently resize, convert file types, recompress, etc. which can have rather ugly effects on custom-made thumbnails. Possible solutions: 1. Don't do it, or limit the cases where it does occur to prevent image butchery. 2. Post very clear and DETAILED restrictions...
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    Icon algorithm?

    This thread deserves some more love. This is very much a concern for me.
  9. Twile

    Stop resizing my images!

    I like number theory stuff like this, so I'll do a bit of my own. I took a 1320x1600 picture by Fel, saved it at 100, 90, 80, 70, 60, and 50% zooms with 95% quality JPEGs each time. The results are as follows At 100% zoom it is 100% the image size and 100% the file size. At 90% zoom it is...
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    Stop resizing my images!

    Nitpicky doesn't mean bad, and I'm not saying the wording should be confusing. Just that it should be consistent and accurate. I believe the admins to be reasonable people. The site does work pretty well for my purposes... it'd be faster if I could sort recent submissions by user rather than...
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    Stop resizing my images!

    Aye, I realize that. Just being nitpicky because that's how one must be when dealing with TOS and legal things :p
  12. Twile

    Stop resizing my images!

    "Fur Affinity will not modify or censor original uploads." I think yer gonna have to take the "modify" part out. You don't censor the things when you resize them, but they are modified.
  13. Twile

    Stop resizing my images!

    Then the TOS is poorly worded O.o; One paragraph says they will not change it beyond the tags, titles, etc and that "Fur Affinity will not modify or censor original uploads". And another paragraph says they have rights to "transmit, resize, store, display, publish or alter any submission...
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    Stop resizing my images!

    Whoa, I didn't even think of that. That's a very good point. It totally does modify the original upload. So either a TOS wording change or a website function change would seem to be in order.
  15. Twile

    Stop resizing my images!

    Bleh. Maybe I'm being too forward-looking. Maybe I'm just using the site the wrong way. Still... Meh. I guess this might be more useful to discuss a year or two from now, when bandwidth costs are lower, speeds are faster, displays are larger, and web standards are higher. As much as I'd like to...