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    Pokemans Black 2 and White 2

    True, in the sense that you leave bait for them and come back later, instead of the usual walking through grass.
  2. TwilightV

    Pokemans Black 2 and White 2

    In XD, there were a few spots where you could catch wild Pokèmon. Also, you guys who didn't play them really missed out. :V
  3. TwilightV

    Project X Zone

    Ulala, Kite and Blackrose. DO FUCKING WANT. Everyone else so far is shit, save for maybe the Xenosaga characters.
  4. TwilightV

    If you took over a video game company, how could you piss off your fans?

    -Make the protagonist of all my games a generic bald guy completely devoid of all personality traits :V-Revive old properties, then make the protagonists of those games have an emo moment in which they shave their heads and transform into the aforementioned generic bald guy >:V
  5. TwilightV


    The eShop has some interesting games. Sakura Samurai, VVVVVV and Mutant Mudds to name a few. Nice Virtual Console selection too. Saw a game called Heroes Of Ruin that's gonna have good online play. Sounds like there'll be lots of online game support this year.
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    3DS Conference

    I wonder how Sony's stock is reacting to Dragon Quest X and Monster Hunter 4 being Nintendo exclusive...
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    3DS Conference

    Old news is old.It's about $15 in Yen, runs on a single AAA battery, and is likely only used with specific games.
  8. TwilightV

    Anyone remember the Oregon Trail?

    It's available on DSiWare and I think they're making a retail version for 3DS (hopefully with more features to justify the release).
  9. TwilightV

    Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3DS - Should it happen?

    It's available for preorder at GameStop. :V Also, Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 are out this year. Mario Land 2 and Metroid II on VC later this year as well. :P
  10. TwilightV

    Selling my N64

    If you have the earlier version of Ocarina, you could probably make a huge amount of cash. But I wouldn't sell it because the edits in later versions suck balls. :V
  11. TwilightV

    RIP Mega Man 1987~2011

    And now they've voiced interest in giving 3DS SSFIV:AE. Somebody please make a Capcom Cycle and post it everywhere so they can see how stupid they're becoming...
  12. TwilightV

    The 3DS just got cut to 170$

    The article said they have no "current" plans to release them publicly, which obviously means a future public release is highly probable. :V
  13. TwilightV

    The 3DS just got cut to 170$

    The early buyers incentive is fucking awesome. :D
  14. TwilightV

    Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3DS - Should it happen?

    VC version was superior. Goron Link gave me a ton of blisters in the N64 version. >:C
  15. TwilightV

    Thundercats 2011 (new cartoon)

    The new Voltron is already out. It airs on Nicktoons Network.Also, classic Thundercats on CN in like 5 minutes. :O