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    You wake up in one bed with your fursona, your reaction?

    Wonder how a 150 foot tall foxtaur is in my bedroom, much less in my bed.
  2. Ty Vulpine

    For those of you that like Taurs...why?

    I've always been a fan of taurs, though when I first created Ty in 2004, he was just a bipedal fox. He didn't become a taur until 2007, and then a macro taur shortly thereafter.
  3. Ty Vulpine

    Last movie you watched!

    Wargames (1983)
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  5. Ty Vulpine

    Back after 10 years

    Especially macro ones :3
  6. Ty Vulpine

    Pimp journals still banned?

    One time, there was a rule saying you can’t require users to post about raffles (but they can still if they choose), think it was causing spam.
  7. Ty Vulpine

    Pimp journals still banned?

    I remember FA making a rule saying users aren't allowed to make journals pimping raffles and such, but I can't find the rule. Was the rule removed?
  8. Ty Vulpine

    Last movie you watched!

    Star Trek: Generations. Watched it in the breakroom during lunch on Thursday and Saturday.
  9. Ty Vulpine

    Traumatizing movie scenes you remember from childhood?

    The Blob. To this day, I cannot eat chocolate pudding for whatever reason.
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    Complete Noob. How did YOU choose your Fursona?

    I didn't choose mine, it chose me. I originally started as a 15 foot tall gold dragon back around 2004 on G4TV.com's social forums. When they closed the social forums thread, I migrated to another forum, and created a six foot tall cybernetic fox soldier (nameless at the start). Eventually, he...
  11. Ty Vulpine

    I can't drive a car EDIT2: ...or actually!

    When I lived in Maryland, they had public bus service, so I never bothered getting my license, just took the bus wherever I needed to go. When I lost my job and moved to Alabama in 2011, there was no public bus service, so I finally got my license at the age of 40 and lease a car.
  12. Ty Vulpine

    Back after 10 years

    Not ban evasion, I sent an appeal to appeals@furaffinity.net, and they accepted it and restored my account here on the forums.
  13. Ty Vulpine

    Back after 10 years

    Was banned from the forums back around February 2010 for being an idiot, harassing and derailing topics. I fully accept responsibility for what I did, and will make sure not to do a repeat of that again.
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    Looking for a webcomic.

    Mostly because a lot people here on FAF hate Naylor and his comics, and even mentioning them brings the trolls to insult and bash anyone that dares mention them.
  15. Ty Vulpine

    J.D. Salinger...