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  • Hello other person who is mysterious to me whom I don't believe I've had the pleasure of electronically interacting with.
    🎵guess who's back, back again-🎵
    Aw. At least you are still alive \:3/
    My head is conveniently ventilated around the eyes, yes it's invisible, I'm not that bad at fur crafting :p
    but I had a good field of view, most of my teammates were derping around and not seeing shit, but some were smart enough to turn their fucking head to look around.
    RL Responsibibalititties[\s] derping. Spent a few hours playing a Furry vs. Brony Basketball Tournament, Furries won because I played on their team :p. Anyways, we all had partial suits on (you should have seen the looks on the spectators faces :3). It was fucking glorious. 68-24 in the end, all I can say is bronies can't play basketball :v
    Yep. I get to know a forum before I jump in. For example, from reading the intro threads, I saw that flaming newbs was somewhat common. So I jumped into FAF prepared. I told flamers and trolls to gtfo. Get me?
    (sorry for the late reply, I don't look at my profile too much. Another thing to change about myself.)
    Hey tybis sorry for being such a dick in the paranormal thread. CO was killing my smarticles :p
    Do I remind you of show tunes, like the copa cabana? Or do I remind you of Gwen Stefani who sang 'this shit is bananas?' or do I remind you of peanut butter jelly time? x3
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