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    Weird. Chrome gives me malware warning and firefox does enter the site but sometimes redirects and sometimes starts to download some php file bu I managed to get to the creator page so try to access it using this link >> http://collarfactory.com/make00
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    What Scares You?

    Quite a long time ago I got a t-shirt with a big skull and a dragon around it. I put it on the chair and completely forgot about it. As (almost) every night I turned the lights off and went to bed. For like 2 seconds I was thinking that I'm going to die. No one told me that this skull glows in...
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    Collar Factory
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    Animal Decorum

    For now the only "furry" thing I own is this panther/leopard ring http://www.drizzt.pl/jubiler/galerie/s/sygnet-pantera_506.jpg I want to buy this one as well but my size is out of stock http://www.topfashionchina.com/jwystyle/ve181.jpg I'll also order one of feline bandanimals from...
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    What would you do?

    What would I want to do: Let him live with me, become friends, play video games, play poker, smoke crapload of weed together, cuddle (a lot!) and finally lots of NONPG-13 stuff. What would I do: Contact a doctor and spend rest of my live in the hospital.
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    What's Your Favorite Dog Breed(s)?

    Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute. My dog is something between. No one is exactly sure which breed he is. He looks like a husky but he's bigger and fluffier. Some people say that he's a husky, other say he's a malamute and sometimes I hear that he's a mix of both. I don't know and I don't care.
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    your worst videogaming moment

    Every time I reach gates in Commando I'm going absolutely nuts. "COME HERE YOU GREEN MOTHERF#$@%$!! I'LL FU&^IN' KILL YOU!! F*&K F#$K F########$K!! DIE YOU SON OF A B&*CH!!" Then my mom enters the room.
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    What game have you recently completed?

    Finally completed contra on GB. Now I'll try to beat castlevania on nes.
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    Hand paw help?

    It's not the fabric. There is a conductive thread. Forgot to mention that. Actually a lot of those gloves are just made of a very thin material. So thin that screens reacts when you touch it. I have 2 pairs of gloves that work with my phone and none of them are sold as "touchscreen gloves"...
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    Hand paw help?

    Make you claws out of conductive foam or rubber. Those are used to secure electronics form static discharge. You could also use a piece of ESD safe bag (those grey/silver ones, not pink).
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    Harlem Shake?

    No. Just no.
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    Is it bad that I didn't get my mom anything for Valentines?

    What the...? Giving valentine gifts to family members? It's like saying "Here loser. You are too pathetic to find a boyfriend/girlfriend so I'll be your valentine. Now stop being such a pussy." Seriously? I could understand parent giving a gift to 8 year old child. But giving a gift to a parent...
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    What is your Sexual Orientation: The Reckoning

    From what I heard it's very common. Almost every bi has the same problem. The worst that could happen is dating a girl and suddenly deciding that you are "into" men and vice versa. Hopefully it doesn't happen often. That's why I don't think about myself as bisexual anymore. I do find girls...
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    Myers-Briggs personality type and fursonas

    This could be an interesting experiment. I hope more people will take participate. My personality is ENTJ and as you can see my fursona is a snow leopard.
  15. Tyrbis

    What's your dream job?

    NASA or CERN Challenge, having impact on science and technology.