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Pansexual | Therian | Hippie | ISFP

My name is Jenny.

I am a bonobo therian from Germany. The fandom helps me to cope
with my therianthropy but I am not a furry. If you should confuse it
sometimes, I don't mind. Everyone makes mistakes. So, don't worry~

In my spare time, I like to read, draw, climb and hike around. I am a big friend of nature and all types of animals. Zoology is a thing which interests me a lot and I even want to study it one day. Other interests are herbology, astrology, fantasy, medieval, spirituality, Africa (cultures, people, landscapes... just all of it), occultism, mythology, survival, arts and wood carving.

I really like rain, thunderstorms and warm days. All in one, you can see me flourish in tropical climates. Probably, because I'm a bonobo. Other things would be tea, cocoa, books (mainly fantasy and non-fiction), dense woods, wood cabins, bonfires and rustic stuff.

Things I strongly dislike are hate, war, lies and all the stuff no one really likes. But as a dominant being, I also dislike arrogant, boastful behavior towards me or my family and friends. Then I can seem strict and very consequent but I still try to prevent any wars or troubles in general. I also hate rush, very noisy places and sarcasm.
Mar 10, 1996 (Age: 25)
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