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Let me try this as close as I can to a Homestuck page:
A young man sits in a spare room downstairs, typing a description for his FAF page. What do you suppose is the name he answers too?

Enter Name:
As hard as you try, You're never going to be able to name him. After all, he was assigned a name on his 13th birthday, like any other respectable human, and his name is engraved on an honorary placronym that we won't show out of privacy. So for now, let's just call him "um_pineapplez".

Be um_pineapplez:
Your username is um_pineapplez. You have an affinity for VULPINE CREATURES WITH UNUSUALLY LARGE EARS, as well as a mild attraction to ANTHROPOMORPHIC VULPINE, CERVINE, LAPINE, and, in caliginous cases, OVINE CREATURES as well. Naturally, said affinity extends into a love of MARVELOUS and MAGICAL FAUNA OF AN ANTHROPOMORPHOLOGICAL PERSUASION. When it comes to LOGIC, you are second only to the Vulcans. You are also surprisingly irritable at times, often breaking down at the drop of a hat. Surprisingly enough, you aren't exactly the best at roleplay, despite your constant attempts to master it. The same goes for art, guitar, and Crash Team Racing as well. As expected of an MSPA reader, you are also a big fan of anything made by ANDREW HUSSIE. You also like to play GAMES from time to time.
August 7
Sandvich Land
Bat-Eared Fox (No, it's not a Fennec!)
Head Engineer of the SS WubWubWub.


Why do I feel like my vast collections of Transformers and Skylanders are.......watching me?


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