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[c]I'm a digital artist, freelance editor, and lover of music. I have a soft spot in my giant nerdy heart for anime, Harry Potter, and books. I hate drama, liars, accordions, Marvel V DC nonsense, and Die Hard IS a Christmas movie, dammit!

A long time ago, I identified as a traditional artist, until a friend of mine asked me to sketch a picture of this off thing called a "fursona", a term I'd never heard before. That was over a year ago, and the rough sketch can be found in my folders. I joined FA initially to just check out furry art as a general reference, and found myself in love with the fandom.

It all started with the art: watching streams of people drawing on Picarto, I found my fingers itching to draw more. I was given a tablet as a gift, and took off in designing and exploring the wide world of digital art.

You'll learn more about me maybe as I'm here longer, but for now that's what you're gonna get!
May 20
NE Kansas
Fur Affinity Page
Arctic fox
Editor and freelance artist



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