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    Looking to draw your characters! (STILL OPEN!)

    Omg I love! Thanks so much <3 <3 <3
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    I was threatened by a student with terrorist charges.

    It makes me incredibly sad to hear stories like this. I guess the good news is they finally decided on the death penalty for that little turd who shot up that school in Florida. At least, according to my mother. I was also bullied, but I was a poster child for that back in the nineties...
  3. Umberle

    what would your sona look like as a human?

    Well, since my sona is actually the furry version of myelf, I'm pretty sure she'd look like me. Only three inches taller, chubbier, and with dark brown hair, glasses and a bunch of tattoos. She has me beat on piercings though!
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    Get your fursona appraised

    Umberle 's fursona was an unexpected find. Their fursona is worth 5 Neopoints. "Watch out for counterfeits" Aww dang! If Neopoints are like they were, then that sucks!
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    YCH freebie!

    Welcome! I'm new to the forums, and been in the fandom for about a year. New friends are always awesome!
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    Looking to draw your characters! (STILL OPEN!)

    Oooh, I'd love to see my gator gal in your style! It's really fun; I love it. <3 :3
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    Furry Porn VS Normie Porn (18+ Survey)

    Is regulating our porn into slots supposed to be a thing? Because I don't even do that, and I don't possess a cock of my own. I look at a lot of furry porn on a daily basis as a furry artist (since most of the furs I meet are all freaks like myself). Does that count? ERPs can be time-intensive...
  8. Umberle

    I need practice 0:

    ooh! I have options for you! I love your sketches so far! Pick whichever you wanna do, okay! Umberle {arctic fox} www.furaffinity.net: Commission by Ratte by umberle Yaz {gatorgal} www.furaffinity.net: Meet Yazmeena! by umberle Qarli (NSFW){bat} www.furaffinity.net: Meet Qarli! OC! by umberle...
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    art give away thread|BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY| Part 3 RETURN OF THE BOOTY

    www.furaffinity.net: Meet Yazmeena! by umberle is my girl Yaz who I'd love more art of. Or you can do mine! www.furaffinity.net: Commission by Ratte by umberle
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    Furry Porn VS Normie Porn (18+ Survey)

    Hey, it could be! Lawd knows I'd know what to do! Too bad I don't have start-up!
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    Is this you? (18+ only, please)

    I have to sqeee with excitement at seeing a nekomata. I just finished doing the base designs on one in the past couple of nights!
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    For the lewd and the safe

    I'd be interested! Always nice to have new furs/scalies to chat with! Umberle#3499
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    Lets Get Personal!

    Does your fursona represent you? Is it basically just you as a big animal? Or does it mean something a bit deeper? My fursona does represent me. Umberle is Bella, and Bella is Umberle. It just so happens that she's an arctic fox with all the fun furry stuff. I have more than one sona, but she's...
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    I need a CO-WRITER

    I'm definitely interested! Umberle#3499 on Discord. I can link you to some of my writing from there.
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    Art and Roleplay focused Discord Server (Open)

    Oooh! Me, me! Umberle#3499 is my Discord!