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  • That seems to be a common trend lately haha
    I pop on now n then never have time for socialising.
    partyfox mode!
    Yo, I never am online when you are..
    I left your gift on FA
    I hope you had a good birthday x
    Sorry was in class.

    I've been doing jack shit lately.
    But I'm having fun doing nothing. So that's a thing.

    You have a Skype, yes?
    Anyways I've just noticed that we've never ever talked to each other.
    W'sup wit dat?
    Yes yes, anyways, how are you Purple Umbra of kingdom Snocelot?
    There may have been a pony dad in my dream last night. I cant remember more. Just white horse, red eyes. O.0 where were you?!
    Oh okay :c
    I'll just have to dream of you to kill him.
    Not knowing how you look.. a big purple snocelot dressed as the boss will do it!
    I tried to remember my dreams, remembered one, forgot two, and the first thing I thought of was pony dad.
    I think I've broken my brain :c
    Haha thanks. I kinda celebrated day early n late cos I worked on it then slept early. Been an odd year.
    Fuck, sorry about leaving so abruptly without warning on skype last night. ^^
    Sounds like a plan. If I could go back in time I would tell myself to do research or something before graduating so I'd have more experience. Experience is critical.
    Oh I see. Yeah I didn't reeally know what I was doing when I graduated either. I recommend maybe looking for work in what you did most in school. IE: Working in a lab for me. Sometimes it's best to do -something- and then decide what you want to do. IE: Working in a lab for me.
    Anyway, Boston's only 40 minutes from my parents house so it's no biggie. Are you a country person?
    What year are you heading into?
    I'm doing alright. I'm moving to an apartment in Boston soon. Excited!!!
    took a look at the pics you posted in the auto thread. Urge to drive fast to inappropriate music was great, I swear. How long have you had lovable German automobile?

    Would love to see mysterious plushie sometime. I should stop being a tool and actually use skype so we can share such saucy secrets :p
    It has been a while oh mai yes. What have you been up to? Dreaming of all the soft plushable things you'll make someday?

    Was actually wondering, do you have pics of the things you've made you'd be willing to share? :3c
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