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    a surpassing fine new banner

    And Tools > Clear Private Data is no better, either? *claws crossed* (Just using boring ol' FF here and no problems with seeing the new banner and avvie since those were uploaded).
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    Prevention of flooding the Front/Browse page

    There is no particular burden on the new server. We do, however, currently have a technical problem whereby its not actually possible for anyone to upload submissions - even as scraps - without those appearing in the submissions intray of watching users. Discussion re. "flooding" (not a...
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    Limit on percentage of human uploads

    Sounds cool to me: glad y'all managed to work that through... Thanks; and cheers to that extended community :) d.
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    Best beverage you ever had?

    1970 Fonseca Port. Absolutely blissful few bottles that I'd had laid up from many years back: only one left and can't afford to replace that at current "investment market" prices, alas. :( *purrs; the exact combination of flavors and aromas tantalisingly just beyond manifestation without...
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    FA Database Issues 3:50pm (EST) 3/2/07

    Back up and running again... Please remember to use <CTRL> + <F5> to refresh your cache if required (i.e. stuck on a "FA outage" page). Thanks, David.
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    Trouble Logging In/Password Problems

    And here's the problem. :) << Technical details of permanent failure: PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 12): 554 delivery error: dd This user doesn't have a yahoo.com account (lordariesgreymon@yahoo.com) [0] - mta564.mail.mud.yahoo.com >> i.e. You were previously registered using...
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    Trouble Logging In/Password Problems

    Hmm... neither is particularly likely and Yahoo can be a pain for password resets, too. Will resend a new password to your registered email addy within the next 5 minutes: please do not post what you believed your current password to be in public. :) (thanks for the rapid heads-up, Sslaxx)...
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    PM formatting question

    *nods*. Is definitely looking somewhat better here now, yak. (And for the one note that isn't, I /know/ that was written as a straight block of text with no CR/LFs!). d.
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    Unable to delete submissions...Submission system offline

    RE: can not delete submissions *picks up the list above*
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    Scheduled downtime (at 12:30 GMT, 60+ minutes)

    Back online at 1100 EST (outage 3 1/2 hours). (If you're still getting an "Unavailable" screen, please use CTRL + [F5] to refresh your cache). Thank you for your patience, David/u2k
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    Unable to delete submissions...Submission system offline

    RE: can not delete submissions Deleted & note sent, Whitewolf89. Hmmm... possibly a problem with the length of the filename there, but best uploaded from scratch, perhaps. Regards, David.
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    Should I get a DA account?

    It's free of charge. There are lots (and lots) of people over there. The politics aren't that hard to dodge, usually... Personally, I'd say the more the merrier, even if each community isn't necessarily to everyone's tastes. And if you change your mind, well nothing lost... (unless that's as a...
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    Unable to delete submissions...Submission system offline

    RE: can not delete submissions Thanks. No probs, Allen. Removed per request and notification sent. d.
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    POLL: Parents hitting kids: Child abuse or disipline?

    *tailwaves over to the chita* *nodnods* The potential for "emotional abuse" that can have more detrimental effects on long-term development/behavior than the aforementioned slap on the back of the wrist for being about to touch the stove is definitely more insidious, though. Seems to be that...
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    Forum Signatures

    *nods*. Jus' a fraction deep, Petrock.... *points to Silver's post* Many of us are still on lower res. widescreen (1280*800) or below and anything more than 150 pix deep does tend to eat up the vertical real estate slightly quicker than might be ideal. Thanks for asking, David.