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    In need of some new arts!

    Hello! i would love to paint your #4, the human ferret! Here are some examples of similar work and my commission info (jsyk, coloring means both the lines AND color are that much): I also have more general examples of my work in the links to my different portfolios in my signature! Please...
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    Hello, I have quite a bit of experience in human based art, both reference sheets and in general! Here are some more relevant examples, but you can also see more of my similar work in my outside portfolio that's linked in my signature. This would be an example of a reference sheet, but I can...
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    Human Art

    I actually kind of specialize in human focused art, both portraiture and full body stuff! You can see more on my outside portfolio, which is linked in my signature at the bottom!
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    Help with advertising banner.

    Hello, I have a fairly substantial history with doing advertisement work, with both pre-made materials and my own illustrations! In my signature I have a link to my FA, but also more relevantly in this case, my outside portfolio, which has some stuff which may be closer to what you are looking...
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    anthropomorphic card game

    I would definitely be interested in taking part in such a cool project (I love the designs you already have), you can check out some of my art both below, on my FF, or on my outside portfolio, all linked to below! I can also do some more realistic/detailed stuff, as you can check out in my...
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    Regarding outdated moderators for threads

    Thank you! I was mostly just curious. :)
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    Regarding outdated moderators for threads

    In the Art Sales and Auctions sub forum, there are some pinned posts that were made by moderators who either are no longer moderators, or where its been almost a year since "they were last seen," and I'm unsure as how to find out who the new mods are that may (or may not) have taken over certain...
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    I Got A Little Extra Money I Need To Spend

    Hello! I can do head shots/busts for less than 10, and full body characters such as below for $10 it varies slightly depending on additional details you'd like, but it can definitely easily remain in your price range! You can also check out my profile below and my other work if you'd like...
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    $30-60 Anubis and Thoth in Snoopy and Woodstock style

    In the Peanuts style I can absolutely do your commission for $30, as the style and coloring is relatively simplistic. Here are some examples of my work and usual pricing: and more of my work can be found on my portfolio, which is in my signature below!
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    Best Digital Painting Software??

    I use mainly Photoshop, Illustrator, and some Paint Tool Sai. Photoshop does what it says on the tin, it is best for editing, and in my opinion, if used to it, lining. Photoshop has a very specific brush... Not lag, but a feel... That you can't really recreate with Sai. It's also leagues better...
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    Commissions (including realistic portraits)! Prices range as shown :-)

    Realized I didn't link to my FAF: Here it is!
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    Best video game music?

    This mix of Pepper Steak from OFF is so dope: But I also love all Homestuck music and would qualify it as video game music, the Strife! album is one of the best examples of it. My fav song from it is either Dance of Thorns or Atomic Bonsai:
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    Digital/ Vector/ Line design

    For $20 I can do the vector with .ai, .eps, and .png, and we can go back and forth to make sure it's exactly how you want it to look. Here's some of my previous professional logo work with the processes: (Ignore white spots, the uploading process kinda borked the images, which are taken from...
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    Commissions (including realistic portraits)! Prices range as shown :-)

    These are kind of my general commission groups and pricings, and I am open to negotiation! I also have a newer much more realistic and detailed portrait style: Such as this, which is within the range of $30-$50, depending on details and such. The .psd files and recordings are applicable to...
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    Do you believe in God, or some similar thing?

    I would technically classify myself as an agnostic deist, in that idk if there is or isn't a god, but if there isn't, they definitely don't care one way or another. In regards to the big What Happens After question, I would usually shrug but my gut instinct when my life is in danger is to kind...