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    Welp. I'm anorexic.

    Dude... 14% body fat does NOT qualify as anorexic. Additionally those simple calculators that ONLY take weight and height into account are seriously misleading. Think about a stocky weight lifter (short and muscled) Given his small stature and muscle mass it's going to say he's morbidly obese...
  2. Uro

    Rude comments?

    Probably a misguided 14 year old kid. Stupid also.
  3. Uro

    Do you think if furries were outlawed in a country, that you would keep on being one?

    Re: Do you think if furries were outlawed in a country, that you would keep on being Don't worry guys. If something like this ever happens I know of a secret abandoned bunker we can use to conduct secret furmeets and I also backup FA everyday just in case as well. I don't know what I would do...
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    Why wear a collar?

    Well in an adult community such as college you aren't likely to run into overt actions such as blatant name calling and etc as you would in a setting such as high school. With that being said though I'm sure there was plenty of covert hostility such as gossiping "did you see what that person...
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    Being A Furry

    !;D I missed the hilarity of these forums haha.
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    WOLFPACK! http://www.merchandisingplaza.co.uk/images/products/26767/img2.jpg
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    Humanity and Age Regression

    Hell yea I'd do it, why not? There's nothing glorious about aging. Especially when the long term result is typically some type of terrible disease or eventually forgetting everything in your life that matters to you. The primary issue I could see developing is an abundance of people populating...
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    Why wear a collar?

    Either wear one at a convention or a BDSM event. Or be prepared to get looked at strangely.
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    Being A Furry

    Well, first you need to come out to your parents and all of your friends about being a furry. You must also make sure it's a long drawn out process, preferably make a forum thread here asking about it. Next you have to wear a tail and ears all the time and make animal noises in public settings...
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    How to get popular on FA?

    It's actually pretty easy. Spend most of your income on well known artists to draw your character in the sluttiest circumstances and act like a whore in the submission details, and flirt with everyone that leaves a comment. If funds are running low take out a high interest loan and commission...
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    Parents try to raise kid contrary to gender roles, media flips their shit in freakout

    Re: Parents try to raise kid contrary to gender roles, media flips their shit in frea Wish I found this earlier, but you're comparing two entirely different situations. In one the parents are letting the child decide what gender he wants to go with. They aren't trying to change his sex, they...
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    Furs by College/University 2

    Hey, I go to George Mason University in Virginia :3
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    What type of foam for a head?

    Thanks for the reply's! So in general would it be better to use the two types of foam in unison?
  14. Uro

    Personal belongings in suit

    I put my hotel room card in my feets :D
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    What type of foam for a head?

    Looking at trying my hand at making a suit for fun. Starting with the head to see if the rest is worth the trouble lol... So I'm on the search for foam, I'm going to be doing the balaclava method if that helps. I know I should be looking for upholstery foam but not sure what density I should...