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  • Weeell. Just loathing in a little loneliness. Everyone I know is offline/unavailable to talk during these times for me. :u

    Right now I'm just drawing. I sort of wanted to stream again but nobody is online to come watch.
    "This could be a whole other thread topic, but honestly, aside from this not applying well to hetero furs who have a same-sex 'sona, I would fall into a category of folks (I'm hoping is plural!) who design a fursona to represent some aspect of themselves, or just as a fun or interesting character, and would otherwise design something quite different if it was meant to be an object of their sexual or romantic desires. I would hang out with Sabal, but he's not... 'my type'."
    Ironically your 69th post. x3
    Right now I'm feeling a little 'bleck'.
    I also feel bad because I haven't uploaded any arts in like over a week. :[
    Two gay furries at that :V Someone should call Guinness and let them know about it.
    Wow, that is small! Sucks about the whole not having room to share with anyone, though some people may not mind that X3 Mine is a queen and I'm just a bit taller than it lol
    When there's no room in my dresser or if I'm just feeling lazy, I toss my clothes onto my bed. Not really a huge fan of it, my feet hang over the edge so I usually have to curl up to keep warm, plus my clothes help keep the heat in :p Just how tiny is your bed?
    Yeah, beds can have a hard time communicating especially when you have to use it as a closet as well like I do with mine. At least it made coming out easier, all I had to do was lift the blankets and hop out :v
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