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  • Haha aw. <33 Why the sudden love?

    I'll admit I've been in a ehhh spot lately. Probably why I'm so argumentative today. Then agaaaain I also had like....3 monsters and a rockstar today. So there's that. o3o
    Haha. Maybe a tad creepy, but I wouldn't mind.

    Sadly, I'm not sure my schedule would allow much for it. At least not for now.

    Hit me up in a week. ^_^
    End of February is the time. Looks like a few days prior to the end, like say around the 26th.

    I've not been drawing as much as I like recently. Putting all my valuables into boxes and apartment hunting has taken up nearly all my drawing time. :/
    Glad to be back, Ursus! I will only be posting for a week longer. Need to pack up the PC for the move.

    how you been?
    Who told you that! Definately not me! No I'm not naked why do you ask? :eek: *sniffs more catnip*
    Don't mind me, just leaving catnip everywhere *sprinkles catnip all over the furniture* awwwww yeaeeeaaah! Catnips.
    Well, I must say from what I skimmed over looked great (photography wise). We have another furry interested in that on here. His name is CaptainCool. He's a german. XD

    I usually don't look at the faf comic thread (i kinda forget about it weirdly enough...then i miss out on things) so I better go look.
    That's good. I'm also enjoying those comics. It's nice to have an addition to one of the people who posts comics there. There are so few, I can actually count how many people does
    Oh, wait. You meant drawn comics. :333 I cannot believe i've not checked your fa yet. I must remedy this immediately.
    Oh yay! I love those.

    And lol, of course not. I think the jokes are 90% of why I still stop by this place. So you keep doin what you do, Mr. Bear <3
    Oh, neato. That's a day before my mother's bday. Easy to remember. Also, we're basically the same age you and I. Just 2 months apart. XD
    Thatd be awesome!!! I'm not sure which ones I'll go to, but chances are it will be ones where I can meet new friends. :3
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