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    You look like Yugi when he's about to play a card. xD

    That was fucking glorious by the way. XD
    hey Vaer, your a good artist (in my eyes). Could you give me a few tips on doing anime style hair since i keep doing a sketch with another character i have (not anthro) and the hair just doesn't seem to look natural on the hair.
    That's how most of us started off. :)

    Heck, you don't even have to talk if you don't want to (you can just listen and use the text chat to respond).
    Ever been in the teamspeak group? It's great fun. :)
    I do hope that you are joking...
    Thank you for your well wishes. I'm not sure reality will be so kind, but at least for the moment it helps :). So what is South for you? You heading to LA, to be amongst the stars with the stars? Or someplace I can't imagine? I think I've mention I've never been on that coast, so I have little an idea what it contains...And your weather sounds like what our March has been like. Good luck! Maybe you should come here, the weather will be much steadier now :p.
    I wouldn't say wonderfully, but to feel the sun again has been quite nice. Spring is a time for love though, and I feel not that my time is near. So winter continues on, unto eternity. I hope your solace brings you the light of peace, though. Do you still travel the Bay area? What's it like this time of year.
    Vaer! It's been too long. How have the winds taken you? The winds have taken to us the warmth of spring, and it is so sweet like a tangerine :)
    But vaer sweety.. I'm too simple minded to have my name and th word wits in a sentence XD.
    I prefer reading your post.. It cures my ignorance
    <3 I really do think Medusa is one of my favorite Disney Villains. Trashy and tacky and with a great voice. (I also just love her hair XD)

    Haha, I'll find a way to make sure of it.....Yes, the weather is just hideous. Wind and below freezing, when it was even into the high 40s. Almost out of jacket whether, just out of grasp T_T. At least I have my leather jackets. Are redwoods really as tall as they say? I've always wanted to see one. I'm not sure about China though, have you actually been? Maybe Montana. I just want to drive and drive...
    Ah, a useful skill indeed, although an unfortunately way to come about it. I hope that bad person suffers from Karma. You should make a totem or something ^.^. I'm going ok. March has killed the snow luckily, but the warm sun has disappeared and it's as cold and windy as my heart. It feels like the year is coming too fast; I feel the need to escape a bit I must say. Where are you headed now? To? Do you have any recommendations? :p
    You treat others far too kindly for the universe to be working against you most of the time. But sometimes, bad shit happens to good people. But if you've got strong social links (haha), they will give you the strength to overcome the adversity. Thank you, I rarely feel like a "good" person~
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