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  • I wish you luck, my friend. Life tends to choke us at our weakest, but I find things usually work out in the end in some way. I hope the same to you and those you care for. Other than the snow that continues to threaten to make Boston a part of Canada, I mostly have been quiet, growing fatter and duller with the days. I look forward to when the grass is green and the lilies white.
    Oh my god!!! It breaks my heart that such a horrible thing happened to such a wonderful person!!! I am keeping you in my heart...please hold on! Things can get better if you just hold on and persevere! I know we've never met, but I feel like we are kindred spirits, and I truly wish for your wellbeing, Vær!!! ****hugs****
    Things are fine. Too much snow. TOO MUCH SNOW. But otherwise they're fine. I work, I work out, I sleep. If I'm lucky friends respond to messages. So it will be.
    Hey, just wanted to say hope you are well, man. Pick up some sweet mementos when you can :)
    To be honest ingressing over there is kinda pointless at the moment. For 8 months straight in NR02-Foxtrot-15 ENL had 3 to 5 times more MU than RES on every single checkpoint. Just you look :P


    I was even thinking about changing the fraction but then I realised that it would change nothing - there are more Smurfs there than us here but they play solo instead of cooperating.
    Man, I haven't been to the aquarium in ages. That sounds like the place to meet up, once I get the time. Sounds like it could be a good fun.

    I know that feeling. The only "furiends", lol, I have live up in Sacramento, and I only get to see them once a year in San Jose, at Further Confusion.
    Aha, I actually live in the Monterey Bay, though I go up to the South Bay and East Bay often. Sweet to know there's a member here who lives nearby!
    Right?! Sweet Baby Jesus, I didn't know porcupines could be so adorable! I just knew you'd like it too. nun
    Good, I hope things stay that way. I've got a few days off from work, so enjoying my free time. If only I was free from school this week too! If you ever wanna talk and make a new pen pal or whatever, feel free to message me, pal.
    Hi there my porcupine friend! How fares thee on this fine Monday morn?
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