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    Starting a series, looking for Readers!

    I started at ten pages, them moved to 20. Now I average close to fifty.
  2. Vakash_Darkbane

    Looking for a writer

    I do sfw i sent a pm through fa
  3. Vakash_Darkbane

    Looking for a writer

    What genre?
  4. Vakash_Darkbane

    Formatting Your Stories

    pdf all the way
  5. Vakash_Darkbane

    Notepad: Stories untold in the fandom?

    Just take a story you like, remove the humans, put inFurries and put your own spin on it. Like do Pale Rider but instead of one preacher on a pale horse its four cowboys who ride into town symbolizing death, war, famine and pestilence who have come to get rid of the bad claim jumpers. Make the...
  6. Vakash_Darkbane

    Tracking Character References in a Novella or Novel

    I usually do it in my head and draw illustrations of them. I am thinking of doing a Spreadsheet though.
  7. Vakash_Darkbane

    How can writing be free and fun for me?

    If you know your characters so well, just chuck a plot at them. Hell half the time that's what I do, Print is dead. Plots are reused constantly it's how your characters react to the situation is what makes it fun and unique.
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    How old were you when you became a Furry?

    12, 40 now. nothings changed.
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    LF short stories to read

    My stuff is pretty safe, if you like Star Trek check it out https://www.furaffinity.net/view/34920009/
  10. Vakash_Darkbane

    Curious Writer...

    Actually, i've written an Entire Series at this point it's about 28 small stories. So i've been around for a bit. I basically write a furr star trek series.
  11. Vakash_Darkbane

    Motivation tips?

    Strangely enough I usually get the best writing done while my Nephew is eating his lunch when I'm watching him, or if i have a moment to be left alone.. I think it's when i'm mostly left alone that's when I get things done.
  12. Vakash_Darkbane

    Writing Buddy?

    If I do I would rather PM you on FA then post it here lol
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    (Drat, need a skywriting font...) FA Writers Directory v1.0!! Now Open!!

    Glad to see my application went through. Looks good I'll have to surf it when I need something to read.
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    Curious Writer...

    I do ok, at least from what I can tell. I hardly ever get feedback, but I'm aware of what my faults are but can't ever get anyone to help me with editing. I know I get more watchers when I post stories and the view counts climb so.... It's hard to say. I don't really worry about my fans they...
  15. Vakash_Darkbane

    Looking for good stories/comics (great writing)

    I was always partial to Battle Angel Aloha. At least until last order got stupid.