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    Hiring: ($35+) Donkey Magician commission

    Looking to get art of a magician who has inadvertantly turned herself into an anthro donkey. Would be a full body shot, hooves on all limbs, and in a somewhat ruined magician's outfit which I'll post references to once I'm at a desktop.
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    Hiring: ($25+) More art of my sock girl

    Still looking for more art of this character, terms the same as in the OP
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    Hiring: ($25+) More art of my sock girl

    So, like last time, looking to fill out with more art of Monica my sock girl. Big thanks to the artists who did her last time. Here's the pictures of her to get an idea how she should look. Also any artist who wants to do their own OC in the style of her, be my guest! Non-cannonical with...
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    Hiring: ($15+) (Hiring) $20 Drawings of my sock girl

    Looking to get more sketches of a unique character, Monica, a girl who got herself cursed by a genie when she wished to be six feet. $20 budget per drawing. Pictured:
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    Hiring: $10-35 Pinups of my character

    Looking for busts and pinup style drawings of my Shosie character to fill out some gallery stuff. Poses and expressions can be negotiated! Looking for $10-35 per depending on complexity of the art. Character reference below
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    Hiring: $25 Sailor Jupiter Feral Animal TFs

    Thanks, I think I have my artist for this now. That said, I am looking for similar pictures for the same character with a few other animals (Cow, monkey/gorilla, hippo) so it's still open.
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    Hiring: $25 Sailor Jupiter Feral Animal TFs

    Looking for a one shot drawing of sailor Jupiter transformed into a feral kangaroo. Would still be wearing her iconic hero outfit, including tiara and her hair being intact. Should look upset/angry at her transformation. Willing to negotiate greatly in order, especially for more...
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    Hiring: Inanimate sock tf $25

    Giving this one more bump
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    Hiring: Inanimate sock tf $25

    Giving this a bump.
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    Hiring: Inanimate sock tf $25

    Looking to have a quick sequence done of Franziska von Karma from Ace Attorney suffering an inanimate tf into a pair of socks for my f-list profile. Winning to negotiate on price, especially for more detailed pictures.
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    (Commission) Selling: Commissions are open !! starting at $ 5

    Pleasure working with this artist. Reasonable prices and quick turnaround.
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    Hiring: Looking for post diaper tf pics $10-20

    Also looking for one pic of her as a diaper critter, that would be in the $30 range but that's not in the immediate future.
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    Hiring: Looking for post diaper tf pics $10-20

    Hey, looking to expand my collection of pictures of my former tigress now useless diaper. Looking to get a few pics by various artists of her in her new body, can be either full body shot of her wearer o(female only) a, or close up. Clean or messy is to to artist preference. Looking to pay in...
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    Random Requests Thread

    Just going to throw out my weird OC here for anyone who wants practise doing non conventional things. www.furaffinity.net: I wish to be six feet! by irisheagle Full disclosure I'm also looking to get more art of her commissioned, but that's going to be specific poses and scenes, but that'll...
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    Artist to do weird post tf art. [CLOSED]

    Comission is CLOSED, have someone working on it now.