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    Recipe Trade

    Mmmm, home made ketchup! :D
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    Recipe Trade

    Spicy Curried Black Eyed Pea Soup Ingredients 2 cans black eyed peas, drained, or 1 cup dried 2 TS canola oil 1 small yellow onion, minced 1 ts coriander seeds, finely ground 1/2 ts minced garlic 1/2 ts minced fresh ginger (I up it cause I love fresh ginger) 1/2 ts ground turmeric 1/2 ts...
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    The By You/For You Policy

    Nylak, I was thinking the same thing about the idea collaboration. Also, not every piece uploaded by a commissioner is also in the original artist's gallery.
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    The By You/For You Policy

    As an artist, I like it when people post the work I do for them. I also enjoy looking at the galleries of patrons to see what else has been created for them. Some patrons have cool characters or fun ideas and I enjoy seeing everyone's interpretation of the ideas! As long as the posters are...
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    Don't forget libraries! And there are lots of great art books online. :3
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    Fox anatomy alrigh?

    By all means, go ahead!
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    Order of Talis Concepts for Webcomic

    http://www.lorestrome.com/weekly/albums/userpics/10001/shadehorn.jpg Bowstring?
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    Fox anatomy alrigh?

    This is really sweet Eos. I love the coloring so far! Attached is a redline I did for you. I hope the notes are clear enough for you. You are on the right track. A few strokes of the pencil will create the right curves you need. Watch the proportions and work on your paw anatomy. I hope this...
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    Critique this please?

    I can't see it either. Don't assume everyone can see mature artwork, a lot of folks have the filter on.
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    Comment mine, I'll comment yours.

    I think everything Stratadrake said is great except the smudge tool. Don't use it, it looks bad. I would like to add: Never use a completely desaturated gray in piece that has color. It looks dead. Don't use flat white and don't use straight black. Have some color in your "grays" and it looks...
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    Before you post your Character - Check those Proportions!

    If you are curious how other artists compensate for a digitigrade stance, measure it out! How many heads tall is it? At which head or measurement do the knees fall? The ankles? I don't recommend copying another artist's specific proportions. There is often a lack of consistency. Sometimes...
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    The tail and the clothes

    I imagine that anthros would have holes in their pants/skirts that button up around the tail! Real life equivalents are dog pants and diapers. If you look them up, you can see how the fabric has been built to accommodate a tail. Apply this to a skirt design and there you go.
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    quick Critique

    They are only suggestions, like a reference photo only not accurate. :3
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    quick Critique

    Howdy! So I see that this guy is supposed to look a little emo. Ok! First of all, the proportions you have going are off. You have the hands right up at the waist, even though they seem to be hanging by his sides. If you stand up, you will notice that your fingertips are about mid thigh. The...
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    I'm far from the best inker out there, but here is a quick exampe of how varying the line weight can give your piece a boost.