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    What is your sexual orientation?

    I fag.
  2. Varg

    Any Instrument Players?

    I take drum, guitar, piano and vocal lessons. Yay me. It's fun and stressful.
  3. Varg

    My studio, the Electric Cave

    Don't get me into an argument about software synths, just don't =P
  4. Varg

    My studio, the Electric Cave

    I know, aren't those just the tinyest but most hardcore little things ever?
  5. Varg

    Guitarists! What is your weapon?

    Repost from my Studio thread =P My first guitar (Squier), second guitar (Gibson) and my special custom superthick strings guitar-- OK, OK, my bass Something more acoustic. The Suzuki guitar isn't mine though, it's my dads.
  6. Varg

    My studio, the Electric Cave

    Takker! Good luck on your own!
  7. Varg

    My studio, the Electric Cave

    Hi! I run most of my mic's directly into the Saffire as a preamp, so buying an even more expensive mixer wouldn't really be the best priority right now. Would be a lot of $ for little gain! But thanks for your opinion! Yes, this is the upper floor of a two-floor house indeed! You're right...
  8. Varg

    My studio, the Electric Cave

    Yeah, I can see the argument. Here's some more pics that I was originally going to post, but there was that post picture limit thing. Eating things. This Saturday my band will come into the studio to record atleast one song. If there's any interest I can post it here, since pics of a...
  9. Varg

    My studio, the Electric Cave

    Heia. I thought I'd show of my studio. I've been building on it since 2007, me and my family. I've spend most of my money, I quit school for a year and started working, etc. It's big enough for bands to come in an record, but I built it mainly for my own music from the beginning. We built and...
  10. Varg


    I would really like for the thumbnail accompanying music submissions to be bigger. It's a shame having beautiful cover artwork at like 60x60 wide. If this has been discussed before, then I'm sorry, however, I'm more lazy than I'm sorry.
  11. Varg

    The Youtube thread

    Focus - Hocus Pocus: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpV5InLw52U.
  12. Varg

    Open to requests :3 art and writing x3

    Sounds like some real awesomeness! I think I'll ship ya an PM right away!
  13. Varg

    I take requests~! :o

    If you really are going to take more requests after these 5-7 above, let me know! Your drawing skills looks awesome. I'd really appreciate it if ya drew me.
  14. Varg

    and it will all be METAL!!!

    I'm lazy, so take a look at the description I made here: http://www.furaffinityforums.net/showthread.php?tid=7542&pid=126255#pid126255. Am I metal enough? And yes, that is an actual picture of me.
  15. Varg

    I'm open again for freebies

    You got my note?