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  • that one thing I did in elementary school, heehee

    Also, by the way - your birthday is the same as mine! I'm stunned.
    Ah. Well, I have an account there, but I don't post much.

    I'm alright, recently was really depressed, but I'm getting over that.
    Yup yup! Made an account there and all.

    Posted for a while, but... it's just not really my kinda place. x
    softcore's all good and the rare hardcore's all good. just remember to tag nsfw posts.

    of course, you could always just share your interests with me~
    Wow Vega, I'm really sorry to hear the news. I offer you all my condolences and internet hugs, and I wish you luck in moving forward.
    Er-Um, it's okay. :eek:
    I play everything main-stream (3rd party titles) games but I have a pretty heft count of 92 titles so just add my ID which is HakubiXFire and check out my trophies for my installed titles so far. XD
    Thanks for being honest by the way. =o Happy IDP Day!
    Hey! ^__^ I saw your post on the PS3 PSN Gamers and wondered if I could add you!
    My ID is HakubXFire. You have an awesome one! <3
    Wow, huh that sounds kinda neat. I might check that out.It may even have some neat material for my videos.
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