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So let's start from the beginning. My name is Veerle and I usually go by the screen name of Velo. (Veloveanime). I love my animals and nature. We have a big garden here at home and it's wonderfull just being in nature itself and taking a little run from the busy life.
Further more I'm very interested in medical topics and this is one of the things that inspire my art. Hence the reason for my art being mostly about humans.
I'm usually a very cheerful person who loves to hang out with people. I'm also rather noisy and love making fun and doing some crazy unresponsible things once in a while.
I love movie and book themes like adventure, psychological thrillers, cute comedies, family movies, fantasy and of course Disney. (little Disney freak here)
For music there are all kinds of styles I like. It goes from country to R&B, oldschool rock, '80-'90 music to modern music and even some classical music like Beethoven and Vivaldi. The one criteria music has to have for me is, it has to be able to express my feelings. That's the reason why music also does have a huge impact on my art and is a real inspiration to me.

I might add some extra information about my personal history, but only time will tell if I will.
So let's continue with the Art part here.
I have pretty much been drawing all my life. Most of it were just doodles and redrawing images from a cartoon. They were just to keep me busy and to spend my time in a 'useful' way. In those early days I've never been thinking about sudying art or even improving my anatomy skills. Until I hit high school and started thinking about really doing something with my art. I hadn't had any drawing classes back in those days, but at school the art courses were always the most fun to do. And this got me thinking. From that moment on I started to work on all kinds of things from anatomy to posing and background. This was all a spontanious process. So you could say I'm self taught. I never did take any classes.

I started out with the normal drawings on paper after a while I got some information about a site called Deviantart. Here there were plenty of people drawing digitally and I wanted to try it out too. The first years I only had a mouse to use and therefor it took longer for me to improve. Then finally I got a Wacom Fun Bamboo tablet and it's still the same tablet I'm drawing with ever since. Even now when my tablet it broken, I just see my art quality drop a lot. So for everyone out there, if you would like to start drawing digitally like you do with pencil and paper, think about purchasing a tablet. There are plenty of different brands and price categories. And now about the software I use. The one program most people begin with it Gimp. So did I. The first years I worked on my basic techniques and when I was satisfied with them I purchased SAI and Photoshop CS to widen my options. They offer so much more and I love the movement and speed you have in PaintTool Sai.

After lots of work and trying out styles like chibi's, cartoon, realism and anime, I might have been beginning to develop my own style. It's still very inconsistent, but slowly step by step I'll get a more unique style that fit's me. All this is just a progress. An artist never stops learning things. At the moment I'm working on humans, the next day I might just start working on drwing animals. Every drawing has it ups and downs and along the road you find things that need to be worked on and this way I guess you'll be working and perfecting your art.

Music, drawing, writing, photography,...
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