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    48H OPEN commissions

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    Playing with Stylization

    Mew for life <3
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    Requests open!

    Are you still interested in a character? Might a bit different since feral, but still canine...
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    48H OPEN commissions

    Furthermore some interesting promotions at the moment! Headshot for 5$! :D Very fast turn around (24h max) Limited amount of slots available...
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    48H OPEN commissions

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    48H OPEN commissions

    For all commissions: these will be finished high quality within 48 hours. Feel free to send a note on FA or comment below! :) I pride myself on open communication with commissioners so you get what you wanted! Link to the guide and more examples
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    Commissions are open

    Here is one of my more recent art pieces. For free slots, please check the link above.
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    Looking to expand my character's gallery!

    If you are still looking for artists, feel free to take a look at my commission guide to. You can note me at velo.artwork@gmail.com if you have any questions or are interested.
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    Reference sheet and avatar icon for fursona, Ralthi.

    If you are still looking for an artist to do your avatar icon and reference sheet. I've done already many icons. These cost all $7.50 USD. Because I don't do reference sheets that often, I'm pricing them cheap. Feel free to click the image to see the reference sheet in normal size. Base...
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    Illustration feedback needed (composition, anatomy, ...)

    Hey everyone! Could anyone give some feedback on this image? Click the image for the full view on FA. *it's a female, just saying, but that need to fixed too. I'm not sure about the back and the shoulder blades. :/ The right hand palm should be under her head, she's laying on it. (didn't...
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    Need artist for single character, NSFW pic

    Hey there :) It seems many people already answered to your post. If you're still in a search, feel free to take a look at my illustrations too. I've been doing all kinds lately, so all of the samples are recent. (December '13) These go from feral, anthro to human. All samples can be found in...
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    Are clean lines important in a drawing to you?

    For me it depends on the piece. When it needs to be a clean illustration, yes. But when it can have some more feel into it and my be a bit more 'loose' then I love sketching out and it gives a bit of extra life/texture to it. It's more alive because the progress of the image is still reflected...
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    Your Old Art Folder - A 2-in-1 Treasure and Junk box

    For everyone interested, I did loads of these waving things in the 'good old days'. Don't ask me why. It's a Neopet thing I quit a long time ago. :') Further more, I noticed that my watermarks were sometimes even bigger then the art itself. The fun of having it claimed as your own. That...
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    Tigataga's commission hunting thread!

    Hey there Tigataga, first off all a wonderful New Year to you! Secondly, I would be interested in doing some overall art for your Fursona, Jaymi. And with that I mean the SFW in your first subject. If interested, you can find samples of my work here. My prices range from a 5$ for sketches to...
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    Looking for Specimens to Draw

    If you're interested in a feline, a lynx OC, then feel free to check this one out too ;) http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11463766/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11463726/