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    account disabled

    I'm going to sound like a whiny little kid, but I disabled my account without thinking, and I'd really like it back. Yes I know I have to wait, yes I know I should have read more carefully. But is there any way I can get reenabled sooner? Thanks for reading, and I know this is bothersome. Sorry...
  2. versailles100

    Red panda artistic freedom fursuit head

    Okay so. I'm interested in an artistic freedom head of a red panda. I'm just looking for prices so I can start saving. Budget: 500$ but I can go a bit higher. I'd like it to be a red panda and pastel colors. If I have to, I'll make a design myself. But yeah! Feel free to advertise yourself/other...
  3. versailles100

    In Need of a Badge or two

    I offer traditional laminated fullbody badges for just $18 each!! many examples in my gallery: Artwork Gallery for Versailles100 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  4. versailles100

    $5 Full Color Badge Commissions

    since $5 is the minimum, i will offer them as $5 TONS of examples in my gallery: Artwork Gallery for Versailles100 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net all come fully colored, laminated, and shipped free to the us/canada any gender, any species. headshots only.
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    simple ref sheet (budget: $50)

    i need someone with a cute/sexy or anime-like style and who is experienced in drawing cute female anthros. 2 views at the least, and one with clothes (a maid outfit) if you know any artists please contact me. thanks!
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    5/17 Site Attack

    Sorry for asking, I didn't mean to sound impatient. Was just askin' is all.
  7. versailles100

    5/17 Site Attack

    I know there's no ETA, but anyone have an idea how much longer this might take?
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    Any Equine Furs?

    I don't see that many horse, or any equine for that matter, furs around. I know there are some, but I just don't see many. I'd love to meet more!
  9. versailles100

    Louisiana Furries?

    Looking for some Louisiana furs here, as the LA furs forum isn't the most active. I'd love to make some new friends, maybe even start up a furmeet. I'm from Baton Rouge.
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    5/17 Site Attack

    Good luck to everyone trying to fix this. It's a shame that it happened. Hope to see the site up and running soon.
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    $12 Fullbodies

    Info and example here: www.furaffinity.net: Fullbody badges by Versailles100 Fully inked, colored and laminated fullbody badges done in marker OR colored pencil (pencils preferred as I am more experienced at those.) Also do large headshots starting at $7.
  13. versailles100

    Any anime fans?

    Heya, just a fur looking for some friends that share the same interests!! I love anime in general, some of my favs are: Panty and Stocking, Tokyo Ghoul (haven't finished yet, no spoilers please!!), Osomatsu-San, Blue Exorcist, Evangelion, and many more. I'd love to be friends! Feel free to note...
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    Looking for fursuit head makers

    Looking for some fursuit head makers to make my sheep character in the future. She requires a wig, so some experience with that would be good. I cannot pay right now, just exploring my options. Leave your examples and such below! Thanks!
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    Cheap badges, fullbodies, etc.

    I'm in need of money so I'm open for commissions! Badge examples: www.furaffinity.net: Badge Commissions Open by Versailles100 But I can do fullbodies as well, $12 for simple, and it goes up based on complexity Paypal only!