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Vespula Vulgaris

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  • Yes I do, but it's my real, official FB one. If yours is too then we can add ^^ Also, you should reply to MY Visitor Message wall and not your own, so I actually know if you replied!
    Ooh, really? :D That's great! Do you have Skype or something where we can chat properly? Mine is lysanderc if you wanna add ^^
    Hi! I-I was just going through topics and threads and stumbled upon your reply! As a new member here as well, I hope you'll have fun here! I personally can't draw and can't design myself a fursona, but I'm happy! ^^ Nice to meet you, maybe we can talk sometime! :D
    Yeah. Cool idea. But is it okay if it's not animal-related? And I also wanna draw my fursona and scan it into the computer so I can edit it on Photoshop.
    You should consider an FA account to post your stuff. Then we could read some. I think you'll be welcome here so have lots of fun.
    If there is anything I can help you with or maybe direct you to right person or critique just shout!
    No. I wish. I haven't drawn my Fursona yet, but she has blonde hair about that length. I don't have an art page. I'm a total noob. My book is about a Ninja, Princess, Superhuman Humanoid Weapon Dystopian girl who is sent to destroy of group of rebels but ends up joining them.
    Welcome to the chatty side of the internet! interesting picture, is that you? What is you book about? Do you have an FA account?
    That is where we post the art and even some stories. I have a Fantasy love story going on there now.
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