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  1. Vicious

    Marine, Predator, or Alien

    In the previous iterations the Alien was most fun to play, with all the crawling on ceilings and brain eating.
  2. Vicious

    LEAST favorite cartoons/characters?

    I loved the Real Ghostbusters, but Slimer was an annoying peice of shit. I still hate Slimer for being the focus of whole episodes, roughly 20 minutes of a green turd gibbering like an idiot instead of the actual ghostbusters damaging property and cracking jokes. I agree with many others tom &...
  3. Vicious

    Childhood misconceptions

    Until around age 12 or so I thought gay guys had sex by just bumping dicks together. Now I know that is just one technique amoung others.
  4. Vicious

    Musicians that never should have been

    Everything the Black Eyed Peas do is repetitive, inane, and terrible. They are the urban Nickleback. Nickleback suck tremendously as well, but everyone knows that. They are the version 2 of Creed.
  5. Vicious

    Best sitcom

    Father Ted, The IT Crowd, whatever else Graham Linehan writes. And Newsradio. The world needs more of Dave Foley.
  6. Vicious

    Dive Bomber's intro.

    Willkommen in FA forums. I don't actually speak much german, but like the language anyways. I have an interest in parapsychology and the occult as well, but it seems impossible to find authentic or reputable sources of information in those areas. Torontoghosts: http://www.torontoghosts.org is...
  7. Vicious


    Offending the shit out of boring middle americans has been done before, but Cohen does it well. That made it worth seeing. The whole film is a kind of meta joke as well, people who don't know who Bruno/Cohen is by now deserve to fucked with endlessly. It's punishment for caring about bullshit...
  8. Vicious

    Favorite weapon in a game

    The Flamethrower in COD World at War multiplayer. On a small map one man with a flamethrower can roast the entire opposing team, over and over.
  9. Vicious


    Thanks to everyone for the welcomes.
  10. Vicious

    Watch G4?

    G4 in Canada is the only channel airing shows like the IT Crowd, and just recently a bunch of Adult Swim shows Teletoon was too cheap to get the rights to. Eg: Fat Guy Stuck in the Internet and Superjail (I love those). X play and AOTS are worth watching because nothing else on tv is so...
  11. Vicious

    Furs by state/province/other II

    Calgary, Alberta.
  12. Vicious


    The constant casual and brutal deaths in every episode are pure win. The boys complete indifference to them compound the comedy. "Look at this ones, asleeps in some bloods."
  13. Vicious

    XBox 360 Live gamers

    If you play a lot of COD World at War, Ghostbusters or L4D, look for Narcomancer. When Modern Warfare 2 comes out, I'll be going for level 10 Prestige.
  14. Vicious


    Customary introductions yes? I've been a watcher/wannabe artist on the main site for years now, but haven't gotten to know that many people. Kobanal and sometimes Turbine Divinity I actually converse with, aside from occasional journal and art comments. Hopefully this will lead to more...