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  • Hey man, feel free to drop on by and leave if a message if ya got the chance
    I'm glad fortune came to our favor.

    He only killed two outright, that is akin to a blessing in these cases.

    I was simply worried for you, silly coyote me
    I heard about a shooting in a portland mall.....My friend, and more than a distant friend, please be okay.Please.
    Hey Viridis, I'm on skype... If you ever want to talk!

    I hope you keep well!
    Good to hear man, get some work done and shit, ive got finals this week, awesome.
    Eh, wish I could say the same. I'm not too busy as of late just not doing too hot.
    I hope you have time to eat =P

    I've been good, keeping busy mowing yards and stuff. Oh, got started in Warhammer 40k, the tabletop war game. Pretty fun!

    I already forgot 75% of your message XD

    Hope you keep well!
    Heh, yeah. Changes are happening in my life. Like me deciding to get educated and get a job. Funny thing is, that chatzy flamewar a while ago helped me come to this decision. I had a conversation with one of the flamers after, and that gave me the idea of carrying my own weight. Then I died under the knife in the operating room, they shocked me, and I developed some sense. But for some reason, I couldn't carry it out without changing my name. Consider it a turning point in my life. And damn, does it feel good.
    Love the new avatar. Also sorry about your chatroom but it was mostly Saikos fault :V
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