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Recent content by Vitross

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    Most Difficult Game You've Played

    Ut2k4: Another game suffering from the Impossible final boss syndrome SSBM: Giga-bowsers a pain to the max Oblivion+OOO+Max difficulty= game that I cant get past level one :P
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    Thank you everybody for the warm welcome :) *squeak* Mmm pastries and banana bread I'm in heaven :D *proceeds to munch on banana bread* Fun Fact: Vitross still cant think of a "Fun Fact"
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    Favorite Brawl characters

    Well Mine Are: Zelda/Shiek Link Samus Fox Captain Falcon Yoshi (if I'm feeling lucky ^^) Provided i don't have brawl and been forced to play it at GS i think it's a pretty good list
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    Hello Everybody 8) My names Vitross... I probably should talk about me... time to use the old standard introduction form. Age:18 Gender:Male Mood:Morbidly Insane:twisted: Species:um Human? Furry Species: Mouse :D what I'm currently doing: uh typing this introduction post what I'm doing...