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  1. vixeyy

    What Are You Listening To?

    Paperthin Hymn - Anberlin
  2. vixeyy

    Anybody listen to punk?

    Punk, pop punk, punk rock. 8D
  3. vixeyy

    Furs who suffer/suffered from depression

    i have terrible depression, it's crippling sometimes. i'll sleep all day for a week or cry or just shut down emotionally and won't talk to anyone. i've found ways to cope, though, like writing poetry and listening to music. also, being active helps depression because of the endorphines it...
  4. vixeyy

    Any Other Furries Suffer from Social Anxiety?

    i suffer from both social anxiety and depression. i have taken zoloft for months and a few days ago was prescribed buspar. trying to see how it works, and it seems to have some odd side effects. but yes, talking to your doctor helps. medicine does wonders.
  5. vixeyy

    Chirp... Greetings FA forums residents!

    hello! c: i'm new here too. welcome!
  6. vixeyy

    Straight Male Fursuiters- Non existant?!

    i personally didn't know straight male furries existed until i came here xD
  7. vixeyy

    Hi! :)

    Hiya! I'm new here too and I also love the Lion King. uwu
  8. vixeyy

    uhhh... hi!

    i'm new here and i wanna make friends, so here goes? my name's leah, female, bisexual, single, furrycurious? i think i'm a canine furry, but foxes are my favorite. :-D i LOVE music. some of my favorite genres are rock, punk rock, pop punk, metal and symphonic metal. my favorite game is Okami, my...