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    The Pirate's Fate: A Furry VN out on Steam

    Yeah that one was great. XD
  2. volkenfox

    The Pirate's Fate: A Furry VN out on Steam

    Hey everyone, I wanted to share a project I just completed for those of you looking to either play more PC games with anthro characters, The Pirate's Fate: A Transformation Visual Novel. Check us out here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/553480/The_Pirates_Fate/ Come sail the Pirate's Fate...
  3. volkenfox

    The Pirate's Fate [TF Anthro Visual Novel]

    Hello everyone. I wanted to share a project I'm currently working on with those that might be interested. It's a transformation themed anthro visual novel that is being crowdfunded through Kickstarter and promoted through Steam Greenlight. Mila wakes up among the Dread Pirates, who aren't...
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    Patreon Campaign: Illustrated Story Series (Custom Art/Writing Available)

    Hello everyone, Hi, I'm Volkenfox - I'm an artist with a large FA gallery of BBW and transformation themed illustrations - and I wanted to announce I'm starting a Patreon campaign: an illustrated story series, with art created by me and stories written by T.F. Wright covering various themes and...