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    Let's make adopts!

    It's been a while when I made anything adoptable, instead of MLP based adopts in Aminos. So, I wanna test out my capabilities to create few anthro adopts sooner or later, but I don't have much ideas for them. So, I made journal in FA, where you can find instructions how to help me with these :3...
  2. Volvom

    Toyhouse codes - raffle in FA!

    Normally I trade registration codes in Toyhouse, but since I have bunch of them, I will have raffle to give away three codes total! Journal and participating HERE
  3. Volvom

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Iron Artist in March! Offering animated icons

    Hi! I am planning to do my first Iron Artist - journey on incoming month and I am offering animated icons/icon like works with simple blinking animation. Price range is 5-10$, depending do you take shaded or flat colored art. If you are at least a little bit interested, check the original post...
  4. Volvom

    Kappas, lisää suomalasia! Kaikki kuuluu mitä ääneen puhutaan :D

    Kappas, lisää suomalasia! Kaikki kuuluu mitä ääneen puhutaan :D
  5. Volvom

    kids yes or no?

    Blehhhhh.... I got enough of kids, thanks to my siblings :'D I decided almost 20 years ago, that I hate kids and I don't never want to have them~
  6. Volvom

    Finnish guys.

    Awww damn D: Do you have profile in Qruiser or goottideitti? Maybe you're lucky in there better? :3 I just draw commissions like maniac, but right now almost all is done ;__;
  7. Volvom

    kids yes or no?

    Harhar, I can't have kids (PCOS + endometriosis + mutated uterus yayyyyy!), even if I want, but NOOOOOOPE!
  8. Volvom

    Rate The Song Above You!

    For streetlight manifesto 8/10 Pink Guy 2/10
  9. Volvom

    Whats the most relaxing song in your mind?

    I just love dark, instrumental music and it makes me relax!
  10. Volvom

    Self-esteem/ fears and other problems you might have?

    I know the feeling. I sometimes get those days when I just can't stop feeling that I'm not actually real, I don't excist, I am just weird, wicked and pissed spirit (or poltergeist :p ) or just empty shell for something else. But not to mention, I have dissociative identity disorder (also known...
  11. Volvom

    Experienced natural disasters?

    I see sometimes dreams about tornadoes, but funniest thing is that I have some magical ability to move them away or something like that O__O And, yeah, Twister is good movie, the that one volcano movie, Dante's Peak (if I remember that name right). Past few days now; I'm watching tornado...
  12. Volvom

    Self-esteem/ fears and other problems you might have?

    Jeez, your situation really sounds like mine's maaaany years ago. My mom destroyed my art stuff, my siblings drived me nuts, I hated my stepfather, mom didn't care about me and in the end, I really went nuts and tried to kill myself .____. So I can only feel how much shit you're holding in right...
  13. Volvom

    Self-esteem/ fears and other problems you might have?

    Ah, hormones~ I have some genetic mutations which means that I have mens hormones, like tooooo much testosterone in my body and it causes me beard (hirsutismus), my uterus and ovaries are just hanging there and they don't even work! I got PCOS and endometriosis diagnose few years ago and there...
  14. Volvom

    What new games are you looking forward too?

    I just wait that Mortal Kombat X is coded for PS3, that is all what I'm waiting for~
  15. Volvom

    Experienced natural disasters?

    Ah, that explains a lot. Thank you!