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Aquarius | Demi-Girl | Grey-Ace | Any Pronouns | INFP (She/They)

Hi, I'm Jay. I'm 25 years old and I like to draw in digital and traditional styles(mostly digital). You may refer to me as she/they. I enjoy nature trips and shiny rocks/things. I also play dungeons and dragons and collect dice and bones like a dragon collects gold. I like creating and drawing existing OCs and have many! Feel free to ask me about them, I’ll talk your ear off. If you would like to be friends, keep in mind that I do not prefer messaging everyday unless we’re close!

I have characters on my Toyhou.se and I post mainly on my deviantart. Feel free to check my stuff out! I do drop freebies and do raffles from time to time so you might get lucky.

Commissions: Open
Art Trades: Open
Requests/Freebies: Only when I make a post.
Feb 7, 1996 (Age: 25)
the enchanted tree of life
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