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    Finished, thank you to all that stopped by! ^ ^

    Finished, thank you to all that stopped by! ^ ^
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    [MEDIA] I'll be on the mic, please feel free to drop by, maybe do a little lurking if that's...

    I'll be on the mic, please feel free to drop by, maybe do a little lurking if that's more comfortable for you! I'm on the road to affiliate so any support is super appreciated!
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    Streaming DnD Commission [MEDIA]

    Streaming DnD Commission
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    (Commission) Selling: VrasXaalka's Commissions [$10-$100+]

    Looking to get around $200 to buy something small for my friends this year. Anything is appreciated! :’ )
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    (Commission) Selling: VrasXaalka's Commissions [$10-$100+]

    Commission Info and Samples Here! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When you commission me, please take the time to read the commission and design TOS, depending on which you will be ordering! If you have any questions, please...
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    Free Art: Art Raffle [Ends Nov 30]

    Hi, I'm hosting an art raffle over on twitter for some chibi work. There are 2 winners and I don't have many followers so there is a higher chance of you winning something. Come test your luck! Since these are chibis, I will not be doing NSFW/fetish/kink things. I do offer NSFW/fetish/kink...
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    Hiring: looking for a SFW or NSFW commission (budget is 50$ USD)

    I can do sfw for around that price. Here are my samples and prices.
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    Free Art: I'm new and need some stuff to post

    Viktor, Mazikeen, Void, or Kekoa? If you fancy drawing any of them, go for it! : ) I'm down for anything.
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    Free Art: Free Art Requests!! [NSFW/SFW accepted]

    I'd love something of my batsona Viktor! He may be drawn sfw or nsfw. If sfw he may be drawn wearing a lab coat, a light grey collared shirt and hot pink tie with white roses on it and with a clipboard and a hot pink clickable pen. If not wearing his lab coat, he wears hot pink suspenders with a...
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    I can do chibi ref sheets for $30, it comes with a front and back side and the option to have props or separate outfits for a bit extra. Here's a sample of what the ref sheet would look like, and here's a sample of how I draw anthros. I do have a few people ahead of you for commissions but I'm...
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    Hiring: LF YCH NSFW Fox, Full Body Colored ($5-$30)

    I could do this for $20 as a nonchibi fullbody and $30 as a chibi with a ref sheet. It'd come with a front and back reference. Here are my samples, my chibi anthro, and a sample of what a ref sheet would look like.