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  • Heyo. Just wanted to let you know the link you posted in the Homestuck thread 'isn't available in my country' Which is America :/ I love prog bands of any genre though. If I wanted to get into Dream Theatre what album should I start with?
    I'm about 2/3'ths of the way done. I'm having a bit of trouble with value contrast, cause I accidentally made his hair too dark and need to get creative to keep your oc distinct from the dark backgroud. Not to mention I need to still work on his facial expression.

    I would finish up tonight, but I need to take a mental break so I don't wind up frustrated and wind up making a dumb mistake.
    I gave you a message in the megathread.
    Short version(since I'm about to go make dinner): Is there any sort of scene you want your oc in? Like playing a guitar or such? Nothing super complex, cause I'm using charcoal on a small paper. So super complex details are a no-no.
    It should be done tomorrow, I'll give you a link when I finish it.
    I suppose if you'd like an extra opinion as you're working on them or something :p Otherwise I'll be subscribed to your channel so I should see them as you upload them at least.
    Feel free to lemme know when ya get them posted or if ya want an opinion or something. I'd like to hear them!
    Let him know some random dude thinks he's done a great job with them in that case, haha. I gotta say I enjoyed the collab even more than your older stuff though, the work definitely shows.
    oh wow, I remember listening to The Last Day now, how did I miss that? :I

    Did you do the vocals on that track you're working on yourself though?
    Would you happen to have some posted on FA or something? I'd love to hear it!
    So I heard you make some metal stuff?
    This would make sense as your avatar is fucking amazing.
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