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Jaxon (Jax)

Species: European Jackal
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Occupation: Mechanic/Salvager
Personality: Charismatic and friendly. Genuinely cares for others though this can sometimes be masked by insecurity and selfish tendencies.

Arixes (Ari)
Species: Særkyn
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Occupation: Space Pirate
Personality: Introverted and angry. Secretly desires to belong and find her place in society but tends to self-sabotage and isolate.

Species: Særkyn
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Occupation: ?
Personality: ?

About Me

I am the designer/creator/author of the Særkyn species.

I'm also an aspiring EDM artist that also likes to draw furries! My current project names are Fear of Feedback (electronica) and Syver (nu-metal). You probably won't find much under either name since I still haven't publicly published any of my work.

I'm a bit of a loner though I do have a mate.

Probably the biggest defining factor in my life right now is my ADHD. I was only just recently diagnosed and as a result, a lot of my past struggles in life have begun to make sense. I absolutely hate the term "ADHD" as it doesn't quite do the condition justice for just how much it impacts my entire state of being, from my mood to my memory, etc. My life pretty much revolves around my inability to function in a Neuro-Typical fashion, which gets very frustrating at times since most of society is designed around and for Neuro-Typical individuals.

I love making friends and have a very big soft spot for cuteness. I love interacting with children and hope to have kids of my own some day.

I also find footpaws irresistible. Not human-esque paws, like seriously paw-paws. I swear I'm not a zoophile.

Did I mention I'm weird?

I also have Discord: Wabbajax#2371
Steam ID
Soldier's Fortune
Professional Wrench-slinger



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