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    Suggestions for the species list?

    Guinea pigs are missing, too. This pernicious anti-cavyism has gone on too long!
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    Cloudflare and passwords

    Yeah, but better safe than sorry. :)
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    Cloudflare and passwords

    Yeah, I think if FA is on the list of potentially compromised sites, an announcement telling users to change their passwords would be a good idea.
  4. Wakboth

    Image/Thumbnail Problems: Some thumbnail and image issues.

    I'm having the same issue... but only on Chrome (v. 54.0.2840.99 m if that helps anything). Clearing the cache, logging out and back in, etc. doesn't seem to make a difference; there are no thumbnails, no avatars and no images visible on the site. However, if I download a pic, it comes up right...
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    Lost Account?

    They apparently got thousands of e-mails about this. It will just take a while before they get to you (or me, for that matter).
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    It's your fault if you failed to update your electronic mail.

    Probably because they proliferate like weeds, and the best answer that can be given is "It takes as long as it takes, sorry." Also, this is not a trolling thread. It's a bit aggressive, sure, but ultimately if you don't have a functioning e-mail listed on FA, it really is your own fault.
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    Important steps to take while frolicking around the Internet

    Note that the various mnemonic tricks and such are getting less and less effective in protecting your password. There have been some big password leaks that released huge amounts of actually-in-use passwords onto the 'net, and that has given the crackers an unprecedented opportunity to study how...
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    The Recent Attack - A pragmatic FAQ from a Security Professional [Updated]

    Yes, many people are just that naive. Just because we've grown up with computers, as you say, doesn't make us experts; in many ways, the average user of today probably knows a less about the inner mysteries of his system than the average user twenty years ago. (Because back then, everything was...
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    It's your fault if you failed to update your electronic mail.

    Yeah, if it's a valid e-mail account that FA just doesn't accept, that's not on you. But there have been so many people talking about how they don't remember the account they used, or how it's long dead, or was a temporary one in the first place. They did screw up.
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    What is one thing you learned from the furry community?

    That we humans are weird and horny critters, and that the normative normality is just an illusion. Everybody has some weirdness going on; some of us just hide it better than others.
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    cant reset my password?

    From the official update on Fender's journal: Yes, this is frustrating and all. But for God's sake, people, learn to read and check if other people have already brought something up before making a new thread. (Also, this is wrong forum for it.)
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    It's your fault if you failed to update your electronic mail.

    So, yeah. Agreed completely. While the breach is none of us users' fault (unless one of us is the asshole who used the ImageTragic exploit, spread those USB drives with the source code on them, and/or stole the password/e-mail info, in which case fuck you, you fucking fucker), it completely is...
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    Password recovery issue

    So did I, and I'm getting the same "e-mail not associated with user name" thing. Frustrating, but not a cause to panic or claim DOOOOOOM! yet, I think.
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    Just my own two bits on this issue...

    IIRC, they fixed the exploit once they became aware of it. But, as often happens, there was a window of vulnerability before the problem was known and a fix was available, and the hacker struck during that. Now, if I'm not mistaken, initially the FA staff didn't realize that any of the...
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    Insecure Passwords?

    You really shouldn't do that. Like, really shouldn't. It's one of the biggest unforced errors people can do with their passwords. The safe thing do to is to assume that yes, the password was stolen. Change the passwords. And make sure you don't reuse the same one!