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  1. Warrigal

    If you woke up...

    I would just say "its too early" roll over and go back to sleep
  2. Warrigal

    new crop circle

    Hang on it looks more like instructions to make a lazer gun. More important is why has there been no coverage of this crop circle on TV as any crop circle makes headlines and alwayz appear on tv even if for a few secs.
  3. Warrigal

    Has anyone seen a furry, but without warning?

    Well l kinda got one. I was driving to work and a car infront of me had a very bright sticker on it saying "Proud to be a furry" and under that it had "Paw to the floor". Never saw the car again.
  4. Warrigal

    What do furs do as jobs IRL?

    Warehouse labourer....basically drive a 2 tonne machine and try to ram everything out of the way (7yrs so far and l find it a great job)
  5. Warrigal

    What's Your Favorite Amusement Park?

    Dreamworld is one fun place and only getting bigger still
  6. Warrigal

    whats the most expensive thing you bought

    House $350,000.
  7. Warrigal

    Realistic vs Cartoon

    I say in between toony and realistic is a good spot for me. My suit is the style l like.
  8. Warrigal

    What's Your Sexual Preference?

    +1 Gay
  9. Warrigal

    The Aussie accent?..

    There is a huge difference in the Aussie and Kiwi accent.
  10. Warrigal

    What kind of reaction do you get when you draw furry/anthro art in public?

    I draw anytime l can get and at work l get "Quit drawing furries"..."Drawing furs again?"..."Aww thats cute draw me one"
  11. Warrigal

    We Had Puppies

    Aww cute puppies. Now make hotdog bun suits for them ^_^
  12. Warrigal

    Join the Resistance...2

    I find R2 fun ^_^ PSN- minion84 (make sure you say you from here or l will just not add as l get too many annoying people sending invites)
  13. Warrigal

    Suddenly getting error 502

    No its the end of the world... *bets $5 it be back on in less then 1 day*
  14. Warrigal

    Thoughts on Straight Priders

    I'm gay and l dont go around with Gay pride, everyone that knows me thinks l'm straight due to l dont even show any stereotype of gay pride and let alone l dont have anything rainbow coloured.
  15. Warrigal

    Were you a furry srom the start?

    Yep. All the way through elementary.